The Kissing Booth 2018

When teenager Elle's first kiss leads to a forbidden romance with the hottest boy in high school, she risks her relationship with her best friend.

Phone Booth 2003

A slick New York publicist who picks up a ringing receiver in a phone booth is told that if he hangs up, he'll be killed... and the little red light from a laser rifle sight is proof that the caller isn't kidding.

The Booth 2005

Shogo (Ryuta Sato), the arrogant and condescending star of a popular call-in radio-show must temporarily broadcast out of Studio 6, a creepy and dilapidated booth abandoned since its last DJ committed suicide several years ago. Suddenly, Shogo begins receiving disturbing calls, the voice on the line whispers "Liar" over and over. Is the joke on him, has someone discovered the truth about his sinister past, or has the curse of Studio 6 been unleashed again? In this Booth, all sins will be atoned for.

Booth 2005

A girl working in an isolated parking booth is accosted by a wild-eyed man who demands to be let inside because there are vampires after him. The girl must determine if the man is telling the truth.

The Man in the Glass Booth 1975

Arthur Goldman is a rich Jewish industrialist, living in luxury in a Manhattan high-rise. He banters with his assistant Charlie, often shocking Charlie with his outrageousness and irreverence about aspects of Jewish life. Nonetheless, Charlie is astonished when, one day, Israeli secret agents burst in and arrest Goldman for being not a Jewish businessman but a Nazi war criminal. Whisked to Israel for trial, Goldman forces his accusers to face not only his presumed guilt--but their own.

Booth Story 2006

A charming story about a car park attendant who loves his job. His limited duties include logging lost property. One day, he finds an unusual item – and for a short time – It changes his life.

Heather Booth: Changing the World 2017

Heather Booth is the most influential person you have heard of. The newest film by critically acclaimed filmmaker Lilly Rivlin, HEATHER BOOTH: CHANGING THE WORLD is an urgent response to the recent election of Trump and all that has ensued. At a time when many are wondering how to make their voices heard, when civil and women’s rights are under attack, this empowering documentary is an inspiring look at how social change happens. Heather Booth, a renowned organizer and activist, began her remarkable career at the height of the Civil Rights movement. Through her life and work this inspiring film explores many of the most pivotal moments in progressive movements that altered our history over the last fifty years: from her involvement with Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project, to her founding of the JANE Underground in 1964, to her collaborations with respected leaders such as Julian Bond and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The Memory Booth 2007

A young man visits the memory booth to recall his childhood and the accident in which he lost his parents during a journey to a beach house.

The Viewing Booth 2019

Provocative in its cinematic simplicity, THE VIEWING BOOTH recounts an encounter between a filmmaker and a viewer, exploring the way meaning is attributed to non-fiction images in today's day and age.

Mojave Phone Booth 2006

In the middle of the Mojave desert rests an abandoned phone booth, riddled with bullet holes, graffiti, its windows broken, but otherwise functioning. Its identity was born on the Internet and for years, travelers would make the trek down a lonely dirt road and camp next to the booth, in the hopes that it might suddenly ring, and they could connect with a stranger (often from another country) on the other end of the line. This is the story of four disparate people whose lives intersect with this mystical outpost, and the comfort they seek from a stranger's voice: There is Beth, a troubled woman facing dilemmas with her love-life and a recurring, baffling crime; Mary, a young South African, who is contemplating selling her body for the funds to escape her dreadful existence; Alex, a woman who is losing her lover, Glory, to the belief she is plagued by aliens, and Richard, driven into desperation by a separation from his wife, who happens upon the booth after his failed suicide attempt.

Torchlighters: The William Booth Story 2011

William Booth rankles local pub owners when he starts to bring the life-changing Gospel to London's most troubled neighborhood. Though thugs are hired to get rid of the preacher, Booth and his followers come together in a "Salvation Army" of prayer.

Stand by Your Booth 2012

Follow two escalator handrail salesmen as they seek to protect their jobs, self-esteem and sanity in the soul-crushing world of the trade show.

Lucas Booth: Journey to Unknown 2009

Drama - In 1999, two filmmakers set out to uncover the truth about famed filmmaker Lucas James Booth...Four months after they began, everyone involved disappeared... - Wes Craven, Vincent Creazzo, Ronnie Petricevich

The Booth

Short film by Rohin Raveendran from 2019

Lucas Booth: Journey to the Unknown

This mockumentary examines the life of Lucas James Booth, an enigmatic horror filmmaker who vanished without a trace in 1974, leaving many to wonder if his disappearance wasn't somehow connected to the content of his films. Twenty-five years later, two filmmakers decide to delve into the life of this mysterious director -- but after four months of interviews, everyone connected to the project disappears, leaving only this footage behind.

Paul Booth Presents: The Art Fusion Experiment 2008

Deemed "the new king of rock tattoos" by Rolling Stone in 2002, Paul Booth fights to win respect for his art form in his collaborative art movement, which unites tattoo artists from more than 40 countries. Booth's work has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, Discovery, A&E, TLC, MTV and more. His film won an award for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2007.

The Booth at the End 2010

A mysterious man sits in the booth at the end who people make a deal with to get what they want. They do the task or they don't - that is up to them, but there are no rule changes.

The Booth 2016

A weekly live musical performance show where artists perform 3 songs and interact with viewers in between each song by answering questions and comments in real-time.

The Booths

The historical drama was meant to revolve around brothers Edwin, Junius Brutus Jr. and John Wilkes Booth and chronicles the years leading up to Lincoln’s assassination.

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