Karius og Baktus 1955

The little tooth trolls Karius and Baktus tries to persuade Jens not to brush his teeth, and their picking wholes in his teeth can go on as planned. If the mother's plea to Jens is winning, the happy days of white bread and syrup is over.no

Out Stealing Horses 2019

A grieving widower moves to the country where a chance encounter rekindles memories from his past.

Beauty and the Beast 1983

When Mette and her father are left alone over the Christmas holidays to paint the new nursery the father ends up alone most of the time. The 16-year-old Mette is always off with her friends at the disco or skating, and the father does not mind until he discovers that young Jønne has taken some semi-nude photos of Mette and clearly is intending to go further in their relationship. Suddenly the father starts hanging out with Mette and her friends as they practice winter sports together - and there is hardly anything stranger, or more embarrassing, as far as Mette is concerned. It is clear that father and daughter are heading toward a change in their relationship as both have to adjust to her "growing up."

The Girl and the Playboy 1965

A millionaire gets amnesia after a hit to the head and now he has to rediscover his past and decide what kind of man he wants to be in the future.

The Poet and Lillemor and Lotte 1960

The poet and Lillemor have become parents, but poetry and washing the diapers are two subjects which are hard to unite under the same roof. The two just married couples, the barber Anton and Vera plus the baker and Lise, are having some difficulties with their marriages but that doesn't scare off the butcher, who's got the hots for the midwife.

Captain Sabertooth and the Magical Diamond 2019

Captain Sabertooth and his crew are up against a sunburnt vampire, a manipulating queen, a violent monkey army and two young pirates while on the hunt for the magical diamond.

Me and the Mafia 1973

Charmørsvindleren Victor "Viffer" Hansen (Dirch Passer), laver sammen med vennen Richard Abelsteen (Klaus Pagh) et Millionkup i Sverige, forklædt som svensk diplomat, repræsentant for kongehuset, franarrer de en italiensk forretningsmand Vittorio Fercci (Poul Bundgaard) 10 millioner svenske kroner, ved at arrangere et giftermål mellem kongen og Vittorio's datter Marcellina (Susanne Heinrich).

Me and My Moulton 2014

A seven-year-old girl longs for a bicycle so that she can be more like the other kids in her Norwegian town, but her embarrassingly unconventional, modernist architect parents see things differently. Academy Award-winning animator Torill Kove weaves memory and fantasy together in this droll and charming look at the pain of childhood alienation.

The Hideaway 1991

Martin finds the going tough. Manhood is approaching, but so far mostly as aches and pain. His mother's men friends are definitely nothing like the father he does not have. So some kind of male bonding is inevitable when he meets Funder, a juvenile droput on the run from the police. There is also girl-friend Rikke to consider. Who needs Martin the most? Coming of age isn't so easy.

O.G. 2018

Louis Menkins is five weeks away from being released after 26 years in prison. He is faced with the decision to put his own release at risk in order to protect a young man named Beecher from growing gang controversies.

Sex, Drugs & Taxation 2013

Maybe the best thing to come out of Scandinavia during the hippie years was, in fact, the story of a radical libertarian and a hedonist capitalist. Their friendship, forged by being outsiders in a conformist country, took them through years of adulation and success, with slight detours into the welcoming arms of vilification and imprisonment. A joyride through taxation, mass travel, hookers and politics. Not feeling too constrained by historical facts, director Christoffer Boe's story of Simon Spies and Mogens Glistrup covers just a few of their decades in a tale of warmth and humour, defiance and eccentricity.

Sorrow and Joy 2013

Filmmaker Johannes and his wife, schoolteacher Signe, experience the biggest sorrow and misfortune one can ever imagine. Nevertheless, in all the hopelessness they must try to reach for mutual and mature love in order to continue life after death.

Olsenbanden og Dynamitt-Harry 1970

En utenlandsk forbryterliga gjør et storstilt bankkupp. Mistanken faller på Olsenbanden. De redder seg unna, opptar jakten på de virkelige forbryterne og dermed er det hele i gang. Politiet er på jakt etter Olsenbanden, og de igjen er på jakt etter medlemmene i forbryterligaen.

Danish Dynamite 2008

The story about Danish national football (soccer) team, a traditional minnow until the mid-1980s when they improved dramatically and eventually went on to win the European championship in 1992.

Five men and Rosa 1964

På et sygehus's 5 mandsstue - stue nummer 13 - ligger der 5 meget forskellige mænd, med meget forskellig baggrunde: Byretsdommer Winther, modedesigner Philip André , bankkasserer Madsen, den uforbederlige indbrudstyv Herluf "Smukke Arne" Jensen , og legationssekretær Konrad Konradsen. Legationssekretæren har begået en dumhed og er kommet i lommen på en pengeafpresseren Helmer Gamtofte . Han er i besiddelse af nogle kompromitterende billeder, som han opbevarer i en bankboks i den bank, hvor Madsen er ansat. Det mandfolkekammeratskab der opstår på stue 13, bliver drivkraften, der får byretsdommeren, til at foreslå "Smukke Arne" at hjælpe Konradsen og bryde ind i banken og tilegne billederne.

The Last O.G. 2018

An ex-felon is shocked to see just how much the world has changed when he is released from prison for good behavior after a 15-year stint and returns to his newly gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood.

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