Midnight Express 1978

Billy Hayes is caught attempting to smuggle drugs out of Turkey. The Turkish courts decide to make an example of him, sentencing him to more than 30 years in prison. Hayes has two opportunities for release: the appeals made by his lawyer, his family, and the American government, or the "Midnight Express".

Midnight Express 2011

Jin-soo is a lonely father who has sent his wife and daughter abroad to study. One night, he hears about how a young man living next door broke up with his girlfriend. Jin-soo suggests his neighbor go to his girlfriendĀ“s place to confess his love.

Chinese Midnight Express 1997

Tony Leung Chiu Wai heads to prison in Chinese Midnight Express, a harrowing prison drama from director Billy Tang. The setting is 1960s Hong Kong, and righteous reporter On (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) publishes an article exposing corruption in the police force. Unfortunately, he's framed for drug distribution and confesses to the charges when the corrupt cops (led by Ben Ng) threaten his family. Forced to undergo the rigorous hazing rites of all new inmates, On struggles to regain hope and rise above his situation. Meanwhile, On's loyal girlfriend (Pinky Cheung) is terrorized by the cops who put him away, and On faces new challenges, and even finds new allies, while stuck in prison.

Chinese Midnight Express II 2000

Chan Siu Hong is a lawyer who goes into jail after hitting a vicious policeman. He's welcomed by the inmates because he convinces fellow inmates not to use violence to settle every dispute.

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