Thirumathi Tamil 2013

Tamilselvan (Raaja Kumaran) comes to Chennai after his marriage with his uncle's daughter Jothi (Devayani) fails. In the city, his landlord's daughter Charumathi (Keerthi Chawla) falls in love with him. Although he rejects her proposal, his sense of responsibility doesn't allow him to desert her.

Azhagiya Tamil Magan 2007

Guru has the ability to predict future events. With his unique ability, he identifies several future events, including the attempted murder of his lover by a look-alike.

Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammai 2003

Chandu is a kickboxing student and aspires to become the champion. He has a caring mother (Jayasudha) and no father. His father leaves them long back to achieve his goal, as he felt that his family is becoming hindrance to his career growth. Chandu loses his mother in due time. His mother asks him to go to Vizag and stay with his father Raghuveer (Prakash Raj) for the rest of his life. Chandu trav

Run 2002

Siva comes to Madras from a small Tamil Nadu town to study. He instantly falls in love with elusive stranger Priya who resists his charms quite persistently. Madhavan later discovers that romancing Priya can be a dangerous hobby.

Alaipayuthey 2000

After a difficult romance in a class-divided society, the love birds find out marriage is not what they thought it would be.

Kattradhu Thamizh 2007

A young Tamil-postgraduate, who, frustrated with the circumstances and futility of his job, slowly loses his mental balance and becomes a psychopath.

Tamizh Padam 2 2018

A stringent cop tries all the possible ways to nab a dreaded don who poses a big threat to the society.

Aval Peyar Tamilarasi 2010

Siva Rao (Veera Santhanam), is a Thol Pavai puppeteer who along to with his family goes around villages performing the art for his survival. He is struggling to make both ends meet. When they land up in Tirunelveli, a rich man Chelladurai (Theodre Baskaran) decides to support the family for his young grandson Jothi (Jai) loves the art and their family. Thamizharasi (newcomer Nandhagi), the grand daughter of Siva Rao is enrolled in a local school, who grows up and works hard to pass out in flying colours in her higher secondary. Even as she gets admission in an engineering college in Pune, Jothi and Thamizharasi develop affinity for each other. Unable to leave her, Jothi rapes her which changes her life.

Yatra 2019

The film focus especially on the period from 1999-2004 when YSR undertook his famous Padayatra which ultimately proved instrumental in catapulting him to a comprehensive victory in the 2004 polls.

Thamizhan 2002

Surya (Vijay) is a lawyer with right values, who tries to redress things the legal way. He falls in love with Priya (Chopra). His brother-in-law Shakthivel (Nassar), also an upright lawyer, is killed in the process of upholding justice. Surya's sister (Revathy) also meets a pitiful end at the hands of criminals. But Surya refuses to give up. His mission is to make the layman understand his legal rights and how he does so forms the crux of the story.

Appu 2000

Appu is the story of a struggling Prasanth who stands up to rescue Devayani from the vicious plans of Maharani. Prasanth's sole motivation to rescue Devayani is the memories of his sister's devastated life. Prasanth decides to embark on a torturous journey of bargain, barter, buy and sell with Prakashraj, in the hopes of receiving Devayani as the lucky prize. The movie is about the pair eluding from the clutches of the Dark Life of Maharani.

Thamizh Padam 2010

"Thamizh Padam" is mockumentary comedy film which parodies contemporary commercial films in Tamil cinema, mocking the stereotypical scenes.

Hello 1999

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Star 2001

Murthy (Prashanth) earns his living taking the blame for the mistakes of other people and the jail is his second home. Dhanushkodi (Raghuvaran) has sworn to kill ex-collector Ramanathan's (Vijayakumar) son and so, Ramanathan has transferred his son Santosh (Pravinkanth) to Mauritius while telling the world that he has ran away. Wishing to save his son, he hires Murthy to act as his long lost son, hoping that Dhanushkodi would kill him instead of his actual son. Murthy too accepts the gig since his lover Preeti (Jyotika) is Ramanathan's niece. In the climax, Santhosh supports Dhanushkodi for killing his father, But Dhanushkodi kills Santhosh. The film ends with Murthy taking the blame for killing Santhosh and surrenders himself to police.

Good Luck 2000

Surya (Prashanth) is a carefree youth living in Malaysia with his brother Chandramohan (Raghuvaran) and sister-in-law Devi (Sukanya). Chandramohan and Devi are childless because of a problem with Chandramohan. Surya falls in love with dancer Priya (Riya Sen) and manages to steal her heart too. Just when things seem happy, a bombshell is dropped by a Sister Mary who tells Surya that he is the father of a small girl Pooja. Pooja must undergo an operation to save her life but insists on seeing her dad before agreeing to the operation. Surya agrees to pose as her dad and is forced to do so on a more permanent basis even after the operation is done.

Sarkar 2018

NRI corporate Sundar Ramasamy comes to India to vote, only to learn that his vote has already been cast. While he reclaims his right legally, it also sets in motion a chain of events that eventually lead to him entering the political fray, trying to change the system.

London 2005

London in this movie Sivaraman (Prashanth) is an innocent rustic youth who lands up in the big, bad London in search of a job. He comes in contact with a small-time thief Kathir (Pandiarajan). The duo eventually ends up as part of a robbery attempt made by two others (Manivannan and Mumtaz). But as the bid is nixed, Sivaraman, who is now much more confident in life, decides to pose as the grandson of a rich but blind couple (Srividya and Vijayakumar).Now under the name Saravanan, he enters the household along with his friend Kathir.Then the mirth-riot starts

Aarya 2007

Deepika (Bhavana) is an arrogant rich girl. A medical college student, she dictates terms at the college. Sister of local don Kasi (Prakash Raj), she is feared by students, professors and even the Dean of the College. Enter Aarya (Madhavan), a final year student who comes to Chennai Medical College from Coimbatore. A soft-spoken Aarya runs into Deepika. They develop cold shoulders. In a fit of rage, she kidnaps Aarya's sister. But Aarya faces her challenges daringly. However, she soon falls in love with him. But he is not ready to marry the sister of a ruffian. The remaining story tells us how the brother and sister put pressure on Aarya to become a rowdy so that Aarya's status is equal enough as Kasi's status so that Aarya can marry Kasi's sister Deepika. Meanwhile, "Snake" Babu (Vadivelu) is elected the area councillor, and has a few encounters with Dr. Aarya, and one with Deepika. He is the main source of comic relief for the film.

Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum 2016

A criminal group wants to stop a courier that has damning evidence against them from reaching the hands of an activist, but they underestimate the young man who has to deliver the package

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