Next Friday 2000

Ice Cube returns as Craig Jones, a streetwise man from South Central Los Angeles who has a knack for getting into trouble. This time out, Craig is still trying to outsmart neighborhood bully Debo (Tommy "Tiny" Lister Jr.); after Craig gets the better of Debo in a fist fight, Debo is determined to flatten Craig in a rematch. Looking to stay out of Debo's way, Craig's dad decides that it would be a good idea for Craig to hide out with his Uncle Elroy and cousin Day-Day in Rancho Cucamonga... but trouble seems to find him there also.

Friday After Next 2002

Craig and Day Day have finally moved out of their parents houses and into their own crib. The cousins work nights at a local mall as security guards. When their house is robbed on Christmas Eve they team up to track him down.

From One Friday to the Next 1985

Friday is the day that everyone goes away for the weekend. A bank clerk spends his weekend off a small island with his boat, but the weekend does not run its usual course.

Friday Night Lights 2006

This award-winning drama series centers on life in Dillon, Texas, where high school football brings the community together -- and the drama of small town life threatens to tear it apart.

Friday the 13th 1987

Friday the 13th: The Series is an American-Canadian horror television series that ran for three seasons, from October 3, 1987 to May 26, 1990 in first-run syndication. The series follows Micki and Ryan, owners of an antiques store, and their assistant, Jack Marshak, as they try to recover cursed antiques, to put them into safety in the store's vault. Originally, the series was to be titled The 13th Hour, but producer Frank Mancuso, Jr. thought this would turn away viewers and instead took the name Friday the 13th to deliberately draw in audiences. Despite this title, the series has no story connections to the film series of the same name, as Jason Voorhees does not make an appearance, nor does any character connected to the films. In the United Kingdom it was listed on TV schedules as Fridays Curse, though when going to advertisement breaks on ITV it would show as Friday the 13th: The series. The two series have several cast and crew ties, however. The show's producer, Frank Mancuso, Jr., was producer of the movie series from Friday the 13th Part 2 until the final installment distributed by Paramount. The show's star, John D. LeMay, went on to star in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, guest star John Shepherd played Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, and episode director David Cronenberg appeared in Jason X. Fred Mollin, Rob Hedden, and Tom McLoughlin worked behind the scenes of both series.

TFI Friday 1996

TFI Friday was an entertainment show broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom from 1996 to 2000. The show was produced by Ginger Productions, written by Danny Baker and hosted by Chris Evans, for the first 5 series. The final series was hosted by a number of guest presenters. It was broadcast on Fridays at 6pm from 9 February 1996 to 22 December 2000, with a repeat later that night. The title officially stood for "Thank Four It's Friday", but was widely understood to mean "Thank Fuck It's Friday" and was a reference to the popular phrase "Thank God it's Friday". The show's theme tune was Ron Grainer's theme from Man in a Suitcase, in keeping with Evans's frequent use of 1960s television themes in his work.

Friday Night Dinner 2011

Two siblings share their Friday night dinners at their parents home and, somehow, something always goes wrong.


SPACE-FRIDAY will catch you every Fridays to bring you out of Space to an unimagined new view of space.

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 2001

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross was a British comedy chat show presented by Jonathan Ross. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 2 November 2001. The programme featured Ross's take on current topics of conversation, guest interviews and live music from both a guest music group and the house band. The show began its final series in January 2010, and ended on 16 July 2010. The most frequent guests were Ricky Gervais and Jack Dee, Eddie Izzard, Jeremy Clarkson and Jimmy Carr. Johnny Vegas, David Attenborough, Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg all appeared in five episodes and Robbie Williams in four episodes. Since 2009 until its ending, the programme was broadcast in high-definition on BBC HD. Studio TC4 in the BBC Television Centre in London, where the show was made, was upgraded to HD, making it the third television studio in Television Centre to be upgraded to HD. The show was pulled by the BBC on 29 October 2008 when Ross and Russell Brand were both suspended from their TV and radio shows, in the events after the Russell Brand Show prank telephone calls row. The show returned on 23 January 2009, attracting 5.1 million viewers. The final 275th episode was broadcast on 16 July 2010.

Girlfriend Friday 2014

"Girlfriend Friday" with Nikki Rouleau and Misty Mills focuses on fashion and jewelry and encourages women to share their jewelry stories and favorite trends on Facebook and Instagram.

Friday Island

Friday Island was a Canadian comedy-drama television series which aired on CBC Television from 1962 to 1963.

Friday Night Videos 1983

Friday Night Videos is an American music video show broadcast on the NBC television network from July 29, 1983 to May 24, 2002, and was the network's attempt to capitalize on the emerging popularity of music videos as seen on MTV. Belinda Carlisle was the guest host for the first episode.

Girl Friday 1994

Girl Friday is a 1994 BBC reality television series starring Joanna Lumley in which she spends nine days on the desert island of Tsarabanjina near Madagascar.

Football Friday

Football Friday is a football news and analysis television show on ESPNEWS every Friday, year-round, at 8pm ET to 9pm ET and reairs at noon ET, on Saturdays. Since debuting in 2004, the show has been hosted by Stan Verrett along with analysis from former pro fullback Merril Hoge. Originally the show just ran through the football season, but since September 1, 2006 through its final original airing on January 2, 2009, it has run on Fridays year-round. Football Friday is a fast-paced program that covers everything from college football to the National Football League and even high school football. Throughout the show, Stan and Merril run through all the highlights, injury updates, interviews and analysis to preview the upcoming weekend in football.

Friday Sermon

'Friday Sermon(MTA 1)' or simply Friday Sermon is the longest running program of MTA International. It is Friday Sermon of Khalifatul Masih, the spiritual head of Ahmadiyya Muslim. It was first aired in 1994 and by blessings of Allah and is airing on different channels of MTA International. It is only program of MTA International which is translated in different languages of the world. There was a time when it was hard for Ahmadis to reach this spiritual speech but it can easily viewed. It is the most important program for the members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The sermon is live from Baitul Futuh, London at 1 pm GMT.

Friday Download

Friday Download is a BAFTA award-winning British children's entertainment television programme, produced by Saltbeef Productions and airs on the CBBC Channel. It premiered on 6 May 2011 and has since produced five series, with a sixth series launching on 20 September 2013. The current presenting team consists of Dionne Bromfield, Aidan Davis, Shannon Flynn, Ceallach Spellman, Richard Wisker and George Sear.

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