Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse (2018)

This is a fan-made film based on the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. This third adventure in the series finds Percy faced with his most dangerous challenge yet: The chilling prophecy of The Titan's Curse.

The Jackson 5ive 1971

The Jackson 5ive was a Saturday morning cartoon series produced by Rankin/Bass and Motown Productions on ABC from September 11, 1971 until 14 October 1972; a fictionalized portrayal of the careers of Motown recording group The Jackson 5. The series was rebroadcast in syndication through Worldvision Enterprises during the 1984–1985 Saturday morning season, during a period when Michael Jackson was riding a major wave of popularity as a solo artist. The series was animated mainly in London at the studios of Halas and Batchelor, and some animation done at Estudios Moro, Barcelona, Spain. The director was Spanish-American Robert Balser.

The Famous Jett Jackson 1998

The Famous Jett Jackson is a joint Canadian and American Disney Channel Original Series coming-of-age television series for children about a boy named Jett Jackson who plays a teenage secret-agent on a fictional TV show-within-a-show called Silverstone.

Jackson Heights 2014

Jackson Heights is a 2014 Pakistani light comedy-drama serial, that follows the lives of overseas Pakistanis living in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of New York City in Queens. It is directed by Mehreen Jabbar, written by Vasay Chaudhry and produced by Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Nasib.

Jackson Horn

Jackson Horn is a television drama series, produced in Yakima, Washington. The series was based on the life of creator Josh Hodgins. The first season, which consisted of twelve episodes, debuted December 2, 2006 at 10PM on KFFX-TV and KCYU-LP, the area's Fox affiliates. Syndication of the series has since expanded to Spokane, Washington; Medford, Oregon; Tucson, Arizona; and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jazz with Jackson

Jazz with Jackson is a Canadian music television series which aired on CBC Television from 1953 to 1955.

Move Like Michael Jackson 2009

Move Like Michael Jackson is a British talent show made by independent production company Fever Media and Gogglebox Entertainment and transmitted on BBC Three, which aims to find people who can dance like pop singer Michael Jackson. The show began airing several months after the entertainer's death in June 2009. Presented by television personality Reggie Yates, the programme broadcast s the auditions of hopefuls as they perform in front of the show's judges: Mark Summers, contemporary R&B singer Jamelia, and Jackson's elder brother and former Jackson 5 band member Jermaine.

The Brian Jackson Show

The Brian Jackson Show follows shows such as lonelygirl15 and Kate Modern as examples of the growing number of internet sitcoms and shows that are being broadcast exclusively online. Whilst half hour shows and feature-length movies are already widely available online, such shows were originally produced for and distributed on more conventional media such as television and movie theatres. The Brian Jackson Show is currently one of the few exclusively online shows to be broadcast as full TV-length episodic content. The Brian Jackson Show aired its first episode on 14 March 2009

Living with Michael Jackson

Living with Michael Jackson is a television film, in which British journalist Martin Bashir interviewed Michael Jackson over a span of eight months, from May 2002 to January 2003. It was shown first in the United Kingdom on ITV on 3 February 2003 and in the United States three days later on ABC, introduced by Barbara Walters.

Eye to Eye with Willie Jackson

Eye to Eye with Willie Jackson or more simply Eye to Eye is a New Zealand current affairs programme which looks at the main events from a Māori point of view. Willie Jackson or back up presenter will have both an Interviewee and panelists; both are usually prominent Māori people.

Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story

Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story is a 2005 independent Canadian film based on the real life campaign by Spirit Bear Youth Coalition founder Simon Jackson to save the habitat of the Kermode bear. It stars Mark Rendall as Jackson, Katie Stuart as his love interest, Graham Greene, and Ed Begley, Jr..

Jackson's Wharf

Jackson's Wharf was a New Zealand television series created by Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang. Set in a fictional coastal town, the series told the story of a sibling rivalry between brothers Frank, the town cop, and Ben Jackson, a big-town lawyer. After inheriting the local pub from his recently deceased father, Ben returns to the small town with his family, with his arrival bringing its fair sheer of drama and conflict to the small township.

Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story

Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story is a 2004 biographical telefilm produced for VH1. The biopic stars Flex Alexander as Michael Jackson, and follows his rise to fame and subsequent controversial events. The film takes its title from one of Jackson's songs, "Man in the Mirror". The film originally aired on August 6, 2004, receiving a TV rating of TV-PG for language. It is available on DVD, where it is distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment and is rated PG-13 for some brief language and thematic elements by the MPAA. The film is a sort of spiritual sequel to The Jacksons: An American Dream, which discussed the Jackson family as children. The telefilm went on to receive generally negative reviews from both fans and critics alike as the film presented Jackson in a very unflattering manner.

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