Raja Hindustani 1996

This is a story of a handsome young taxi driver, Raja, who falls in love with a beautiful rich girl, Aarti. Despite her family's disapproval Aarti marries Raja and goes to live with him in his village. Aarti's stepmother, uncle and cousin weave a web of deception to split them apart. Will Aarti realize that her stepmother is deceiving her? Will Raja and Aarti ever get back together?

Hum Hindustani 1960

Satyendra's family is shocked and dismayed when he is arrested for theft - but he is actually covering for his brother, who he believes to be the real culprit

Hero Hindustani 1998

After the passing away of his son and Caucasian daughter-in-law, London-based widower Purshotam Agarwal brings up his granddaughter, Namrata, on his own. When she matures, he pressurizes her to get married to Tikamgarh-based Ranveer's son. She travels to India, and much to his chagrin refuses to get married to the boy of his choice, and instead brings back a wealthy male named Romi, who she claims is her fiancé. Little does Purshotam know that Romi is not who he claims to be, and that Namrata has no intention of marrying him either.

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani 2000

Rival news-reporters, Ajay Bakshi, and Ria Bannerjee engage in a comic war to be the first to interview notorius M.K. Sharma, in which Ria succeeds. Then the two are thrust in a battle for their lives as they must decide whether to save an innocent terrorist from being hanged, or sacrifice their very lives themselves.

Indian 1996

Senapathy, a veteran freedom fighter, is angry. He is angry against the rampant corruption at every level of the bureaucracy. He will clean it up at any cost.

Saat Hindustani 1969

A Muslim poet named Anwar Ali, along with five other men all from different religions, join Maria, a native of Portuguese-occupied Goa, to raise nationalist sentiment in that state by hoisting Indian flags on Portuguese forts and buildings.

Oru Kaidhiyin Diary 1984

David gets released from prison after long 22 years and he reaches the church to confess. He says to the priest that, he would kill 3 people. The priest informs this to the police. David starts his revenge by killing the DSP and escapes fooling Inspector Shankar. The flashback shows that, David and Rosy were married and had a happy life, but Rosy is raped by the powerful trio of Politician, Doctor and DSP. Rosy commits suicide. The trio easily wins the case by falsely implicating David and he gets sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife. He leaves his only son Shankar to his close friend Velappan. Now Shankar is already a police officer when david gets released after 22 years. He then kills Dr.Unnikrishnan. David is supported by Sharadha, the love of Shankar. The climax shows whether David attains his target of killing the politician and thus completing his revenge.

Dil Hai Hindustani

A talent hunt like never before, a musical extravaganza power packed with non-stop entertainment. A music show that hunts for the best Hindi music performing talent from across the globe across nations and nationals.

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