Provoked 2016

A group of amateur paranormal investigators, frustrated with the lack of any solid evidence after months of attempts, decide to provoke and taught spirits from the afterlife in a last ditch attempt for a paranormal encounter. The experiment works, but they have awakened something angry and very deadly - something that follows them home and now will not leave. The investigators must now defend their home, and their family, from the spirits who were brought into this world and are not going without taking some souls with them.

Provoked 1989

"Cindy Maranne, "Americana" from "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling," stars in her feature film debut as a newlywed torn between love and violence when her husband is taken hostage in a failed robbery.

Provoked: A True Story 2007

Provoked is the true story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, a Punjabi woman who moved to London after her marriage with Deepak Ahluwalia. Her husband seemed caring at first but then began to beat her up. He started drinking a lot and sleeping around with other women. he also subjected her to spousal rape. After ten years and having two children with him, out of fear, she sets him on fire.

Henry Rollins Provoked: Live From Melbourne 2008

Filmed at Melbourne's atmospheric Comedy Theatre, Rollins' latest spoken word show, Provoked, delivers the informed and unrestrained punch you've come to expect from the outspoken American iconoclast. Not afraid to give you his opinion on everything from the state of US politics, to rocking it out with gods of the punk rock scene, The Ruts, or hilarious tales of life in the LA party scene, This will leave you with no doubt that this is a man with plenty to say.

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