Chi La Sow 2018

While Arjun doesn't want to get married, his parents set up a blind date for him at his place. The story revolves around Arjun, how he falls for the girl he's about to meet, why and how he changed his decision to get married.

What You Sow 1979

A bleak and violent story of delinquency and broken family ties. Christiaan MacDonald escapes from the reformatory where he has been serving a sentence for car theft and asks his sister Dina for help. When his father tells Christiaan he is adopted, and furthermore is banished from the MacDonald family, the young man responds with criminal behavior that rip the family apart.

Wish 2011

North Korea film

Sowbhagyam 1993

Sowbhagyam is a 1993 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Sandhya Mohan and starring Sunitha and Jagadish in lead roles.

Sowesto 1969

"A collection of footage from my friends or by my friends and me. It is amazing the number of events recorded by various means around London. Sowesto contains the opening of Region Gallery, The First Canadian Happening, Barbara Ann Scott in St. Marys, Nihilist events, etc." — Greg Curnoe

Soweto Green 1995

An American couple moves to Johannesburg after Nelson Mandela is elected president.

Kalyana Sowgandhikam 1996

Jayadevan pretends to be a Swami with the help of his friends to get into a household where Athira lives ; who he believes holds the key to find his missing friend.

Whatsoever a Man Soweth 1917

...made to educate and warn Canadian troops about the dangers of catching venereal disease. As the biblical title suggests, it is essentially a straight sermon, a form that its target audience would have found familiar both from church at home and during their military service. The protagonist is warned, is tempted to ignore the advice, is rescued in the nick of time by a well-wisher and is finally shown the devastating consequences in another that he has so narrowly avoided. (BFI Screenonline)

Taxi to Soweto 1991

A Gentle story with a moral of forgive and forget at the kernel of its’ comedy exterior ~ but also one that accurately foretold the changes that were to sweep across South Africa in 1994, as an uptight suburban Johannesburg housewife (Elize Cawood, with an equally uptight husband played by Marius Weyers) accepts a lift from a Sowetan taxi driver (Patrick Shai) and gets taken into another world entirely

Soweto, Times of Wrath 2016

A documentary by 4 young South-African filmmakers, giving us a unique look into the post Apartheid unrest in Soweto.

Sowkarpettai 2016

Lovers murdered by a moneylender come back as ghosts to make him answer for his crime. Meanwhile, an evil tantric has been waiting for them for years to take his revenge.

Soweto Gospel Choir: African Spirit

The Grammy Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir brings the Nelson Mandela Theatre to life with a soul stirring performance of their show African Spirit. The show, African Spirit, described as a wonderful spiritual journey, features a variety of songs about the upliftment and strength of the human spirit. Simply put the performance is a celebration of the Love and Life.

Dr. Pulder Sows Poppies 1975

A small town doctor gets a visit from a former study-friend. He doesn't know this former surgeon has become a junkie that wants to steal his morphine.

Nine Lives 1957

The movie takes place during World War II and depicts the true story of Jan Baalsruds amazing escape from the German army from the coast of Northern Norway and across the border to the neutral country Sweden.

Kapitan Sowa na tropie 1965

Kapitan Sowa na tropie is a Polish series from 1965 directed by Stanisław Bareja. It was the first Polish criminal series made after World War II.

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