Daniel & Ana 2009

Being kidnapped shatters a brother and sister's harmony, forcing them to confront their desires.

Ana e Vitória 2018

Two girls have a chance encounter and instantly befriend. While trying to find themselves, they decide to pursue music together.

Ana 2008

Ana is about to start her trip to another country, leaving V{ictor. She comes back to Chile to re-encounter with Andrés. Brief instances of her life seem to melt like in a mirror.

Ana by Day 2018

Ana is a young, well-educated Spanish woman from a traditional, middle-class family. She is about to finish her PhD in Law and get married but she doesn’t feel fulfilled. One day, a doppelganger takes her place in life, dealing with all her responsibilities. Realizing for the first time that she is totally free, Ana decides to explore her new anonymity and freedom, testing her own limits and searching for the meaning of life, between a boarding-house and cabaret nights in Madrid. However, at one point routine also arrives to her new life and a question haunts her: Is it possible to ever run away from oneself?

Chaotic Ana 2007

Ana, a teenager artist, is raised in Ibiza by her German father Klaus in a naturalist lifestyle. She meets Justine, who invites her to move to Madrid and get an artistic education and financial support. Ana befriends Linda, meets the problematic Said, a Saharawi youngster, and later she is hypnotized by Anglo, who opens a door to her memories and past lives.

Nozoki Ana 2014

Tatsuhiko Kido is a young man who moved from Tokyo to attend a vocational school. Although he thought he had begun his new school life with no problem, he finds a hole in his wall, and sometimes he feels a gaze coming at him from that hole, so he can't relax. The night he went drinking with his classmate Yoneyama, he sees a light coming from the same hole when he comes home. When he tries calling out to the other side, he gets a reply...


Anna is a 45 years old woman, living alone with her mother in the center of Tbilisi. One night, Anna's life takes a different turn, when at the concert, she sees the face of a woman in the crowd. How can one word change someone's life? How other's life influences our own? How can a person lose her face and identity?

Motherland 2015

Nesrin is an urban, middle-class woman recovering from a divorce. She’s quit her office job, abandoned her house in Istanbul, and come to the village house of her deceased grandmother to finish a novel and live out her childhood dream of being a writer. When her conservative and increasingly unhinged mother turns up uninvited and refuses to leave, Nesrin’s writing stalls and her fantasies of village life turn bitter as the two are forced to confront the darker corners of each other’s inner worlds.

Ana, My Love 2017

Toma and Ana meet as students in the literature faculty, and quickly fall in love. But, because of Ana's mental illness, their relationship slowly collapses.

Ana 1955

A group of migrants from the drought areas of Northeastern of Brazil gets a truck "pau-de-arara" trying to move to São Paulo and have a better life. Along their travel, one of the women delivers a baby on the road. The driver, indeed, intends to carry them to the slave-work in the fields of a powerful "colonel", but the brave Ana faces the foreman of the farm and the driver, and the truck follows to the hired final destination.

Ana 2016

An artificial intelligence system takes control of a futuristic car manufacturing plant.

Ana 1982

Ana combines straight-on documentary technique with unexpected flights of dreamlike surrealism. The title character, played by Ana Maria Martins Guerra, is a young Portuguese girl who lives with her grandmother. Through their relationship, we are witness to the Cycle of Life: Grandmother takes care of granddaughter until granddaughter is obliged to do same for grandmother. The scenes between the two protagonists are counterpointed with impressionistic camera compositions based upon famous religious paintings. Ana was impressive enough to earn an American art-house release, a rarity for independently produced Portuguese films.

ANA 2015

ANA is: a) An investigation of a cyber-sect linked to the disappearances of several women online. b) A moodboard of the aesthetization of self-destruction. c) A found footage documentary about today's subcultures.

Ana and the Others 2003

Twenty-something Ana, now living in Buenos Aires, returns to her native city of Paraná. She meets old school mates, old friends, makes new ones, and starts to rethink her life, and perhaps change her future.

Anna Karenina 2012

Trapped in a loveless marriage, aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the affluent Count Vronsky.

Ya ana ya khalty 2005

Henedy plays Taimor, a Young man studies music. He loves his colleague and intends to marry her. Her mother, who believes in magic, refuses their marriage.

Ana Ana 2014

ANA ANA is a cinematic poem about four young creative Egyptian women. Most of the material is filmed by the characters themselves, who worked with the film’s directors in a process of collaboration and mentorship over a course of two years. The four main characters find creative ways to express what is hidden within their hearts: speaking of their dreams and desires in an extraordinarily open and intimate way, and using metaphors, and cinematic storytelling to transform the every-day struggles of their lives into the sublime. Set in the overwhelming chaos of Cairo, the film also oscillates back and forth between an empty and abstract desert, which might be real or unreal.

Pepper Ann 1997

Pepper Ann is an American animated series created by Sue Rose and aired on first run syndication. It debuted on September 1, 1997, and ended on November 24, 2000. Pepper Ann stars adolescents and charts their ups and downs at Hazelnut Middle School. It aired as part of the The Disney Afternoon block. The character originated in a comic strip published in YM magazine.

Anne with an E 2017

A coming-of-age story about an outsider who, against all odds and numerous challenges, fights for love and acceptance and for her place in the world. The series centers on a young orphaned girl in the late 1890’s, who, after an abusive childhood spent in orphanages and the homes of strangers, is mistakenly sent to live with an elderly woman and her aging brother. Over time, 13-year-old Anne will transform their lives and eventually the small town in which they live with her unique spirit, fierce intellect and brilliant imagination.

The Three Sides of Ana 2016

Over a road trip, triplets Ana Laura, Ana Leticia, and Ana Lucía, along with their parents, suffer a dramatic accident crashing by the side of a river. The consequences of this event are catastrophic: Both parents die, Ana Laura loses one leg, and Ana Lucía, unconscious, is dragged by the river’s flow. Only Ana Leticia, who actually caused the accident, emerges unscathed. Soledad, a woman who was seriously hurt after her daughter’s death, helps Ana Lucía, whom she finds agonizing. Although Soledad discovers who the girl is, she takes advantage of her memory loss regarding the accident and her family and decides to keep her, making her believe she is her mother. Despite everyone declares Ana Lucía is death, Ernestina, the triplets' grandmother, and Ramiro, their uncle, don’t give up and do everything they can to find Ana Lucía. But years go by, the same as their wishful


Ana is a Pakistani drama that aired on Geo TV. Its a story about an egotistic man and the people in his life.

Grey's Anatomy 2005

Follows the personal and professional lives of a group of doctors at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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