Son of Saul 2015

In the horror of 1944 Auschwitz, a prisoner forced to burn the corpses of his own people finds moral survival trying to save from the flames the body of a boy he takes for his son.

Saul 2016

Glyndebourne's Saul stole the summer and had critics raving. The Guardian (****) applauded virtuoso stagecraft from director Barrie Kosky in his debut production there, calling the show a theatrical and musical feast of energetic choruses, surreal choreography and gorgeous singing. For The Independent, which ranked it amongst five top classical and opera performances of 2015, there was no praise too high for the cast. The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment under Ivor Bolton sparkles from the pit with period panache, and designer Katrin Lea Tag's exuberant costumes (The Times ****) set the Old Testament story in Handel's time, with a witty twinge of the contemporary.

Saul: The Journey to Damascus 2014

Known as Saul the Butcher, the stoning of Stephen was said to have shattered Saul's faith in the Temple and its denial of Christ as the Messiah. His conversion to Christianity and baptism as Paul changed the history of the world.

Saul Bass: Title Champ 2008

Set to a bebop jazz beat, this documentary brings to life the extraordinary work of graphic designer Saul Bass, whose groundbreaking title sequences for Hitchcock's films transformed the art of movie titles. Through interviews with directors such as Martin Scorsese and Guillermo del Toro, this film reveals why Bass is still considered the medium's greatest artist.

The Death of Saul 1912

This film tells the dramatic story of the death of this famous Bible character and his trip to the witch of Endor, who forecasted his tragic end. The story is dramatic in the extreme and beautifully played.

Saul of Tarsus 1990

Saul of Tarsus is one of the most dramatic stories of repentance found in the Bible. Rabbi Gamaliel is unable to convince his friend Saul, the arch-enemy and persecutor of Christians, to mend his ways. Saul is changed forever when the resurrected Lord miraculously appears to him on the Road to Damascus. Saul becomes reborn as Paul, one of the greatest missionaries and apostles ever for Jesus Christ’s gospel.

Film Notebook: Part 1 (For Saul) 1975

Film Notebook Part 1 from 1975 is a beautiful collection of daily fragments which Keller shot from her life the way one would write in a journal. She documents the world around her in a spontaneous home movie fashion then employs meticulous editing, making subtly poetic connections between shots and throughout the film.

A Story of David 1960

Directed by Bob McNaught. King Saul of Israel is jealous of the fame and adoration of David, who long ago slew Goliath and brought victory to Saul's armies. Now Saul, egged on by his Edomite counselor Doeg, attempts to have David killed. Saul's son, and David's best friend, Jonathan, conspires to help David, who is reluctant to fight back against his own people the Israelites.

Saul's 108th Story 2018

As a teenager in 1950 Brooklyn, all Saul wanted to do was hang out with his friends and go to the beach. Instead, he got roped into a dangerous new job, and Saul got in a little over his head.

In No Great Hurry: 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter 2014

Saul Leiter could have been lauded as the great the pioneer of color photography, but was never driven by the lure of success. Instead he preferred to drink coffee and photograph in his own way, amassing an archive of beautiful work that is now piled high in his New York apartment. An intimate and personal film, In No Great Hurry follows Saul as he deals with the triple burden of clearing an apartment full of memories, becoming world famous in his 80s and fending off a pesky filmmaker.

Sunrise 2014

Inspector Joshi is a grieving father searching for his daughter Aruna, kidnapped years ago when she was six. In his despair, life converges with a recurring dream in which Joshi pursues a shadowy figure who leads him to 'Paradise', a night-club where teenage girls dance to a leering crowd. He is convinced he will find Aruna there and vows to bring her back to Leela, his broken wife.

Saulabi 2002

In this sweeping swordplay saga from Korea, a dedicated band of warriors from the Baekje Dynasty travel to Japan in hopes of mending the broken Heaven's Sword and restoring Baekje to its former glory. 30 years later, the only surviving warrior Woo-do vows to complete the task by seeking out Kanemaru, the master of swords, and bring the Heaven's Sword back to life. SAULABI is a spectacular Samurai epic with action choreographed by longtime Akira Kurosawa collaborator Eizi Takakura (Samurai Fiction).

Saule Marceau 2017

A lonely horseman arrives in a far away country, looking for a land to settle down. Clement is my older brother. He became a farmer in France, far from the suburbs of Paris, where we grew up. Since then we went on distant ways. I suggest to make a film together.

Saule brauca debesīs

When the daughter of the Sun and the Moon is stolen, desperate parents call people to get their baby back. Helpers are given only three days: if at that time, the Sun's daughter will not be found, she will lose her strength and become an ordinary girl. A journey of danger and adventure, which teaches everyone not only to be brave and resourceful, but also helpful. The Latvian animated film is based on folklore motifs.

Agora 2009

A historical drama set in Roman Egypt, concerning philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria and her relationship with her slave Davus, who is torn between his love for her and the possibility of gaining his freedom by joining the rising tide of Christianity.

Better Call Saul 2015

Six years before Saul Goodman meets Walter White. We meet him when the man who will become Saul Goodman is known as Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer searching for his destiny, and, more immediately, hustling to make ends meet. Working alongside, and, often, against Jimmy, is “fixer” Mike Erhmantraut. The series will track Jimmy's transformation into Saul Goodman, the man who puts “criminal” in “criminal lawyer".

Saul of the Mole Men 2007

Saul of the Mole Men is a live-action show created by Craig Lewis. The series first aired February 11, 2007 on Adult Swim. Described as "an ultra-patriotic Land of the Lost set in the center of the Earth", the series is directed by Tom Stern and stars Josh Gardner. Gardner is known for his previous collaboration with Stern on the television series, Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust. The show's theme song is performed by South Park creator Trey Parker. Lewis' primary inspirations behind this homage to 1970s-era Saturday morning live-action television were Sid and Marty Krofft, Doctor Who, and the Planet of the Apes franchise. On October 31, 2008 Adult Swim ran a special Halloween marathon.

Talking Saul 2016

AMC's live after-show that serves as a platform for discussion for AMC’s series, Better Call Saul. Hosted by super-fan Chris Hardwick, the half-hour talk show will feature series cast, producers, celebrity fans and more reacting to and discussing the twists and turns of Better Call Saul and taking questions and comments from viewers.

Winter Sun 2016

The winter sun; In the garden of his house on the day twin brother, Mete and friends will witness an event that will change the whole life playing hide and seek with Efe April. The father, without telling anyone, to tell his father to see what is stored in the car. All household Efe while looking in a hurry to leave his father's home with a phone Harun al ...

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 2005

Four egocentric friends who run a neighborhood Irish pub in Philadelphia try to find their way through the adult world of work and relationships. Unfortunately, their warped views and precarious judgments often lead them to trouble, creating a myriad of uncomfortable situations that usually only get worse before they get better.

The Pillars of the Earth 2010

A sweeping epic of good and evil, treachery and intrigue, violence and beauty, a sensuous, spirited story set against a backdrop of war, religious strife and power struggles in 12th Century England.

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