Devil in a Blue Dress 1995

In late 1940s Los Angeles, Easy Rawlins is an unemployed black World War II veteran with few job prospects. At a bar, Easy meets DeWitt Albright, a mysterious white man looking for someone to investigate the disappearance of a missing white woman named Daphne Monet, who he suspects is hiding out in one of the city's black jazz clubs. Strapped for money and facing house payments, Easy takes the job, but soon finds himself in over his head.

Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill 1999

Executive transvestite Eddie Izzard takes his show to San Francisco to give a brief history of pagan and Christian religions, the building of Stonehenge, the birth of the Church of England and of Western empires, and the need for a European dream.

The Girl in the Orange Dress 2018

Anna, a conservative girl wakes up in a hotel room with the biggest actor in the country. Having no memory on how she got there, she must figure her way out of the hotel to avoid the fans and media swarming the hotel.

The Evening Dress 2009

Like many of her classmates, 12 year old tomboy Juliette has a crush on Mrs. Solenska, a teacher distinguished by stylish attire and an uninhibited, provocative classroom demeanor. Juliette's fascination turns into all-consuming obsession, forcing revelations from both the girl and her teacher.

Little Black Dress 2011

"Little Black Dress" depicts the friendships, jealousies, hopes and failures of four 24-year-old girls. The girls first met as first year students in college. They seem to be enjoying their 20's, but inside they all have worries.

The Dress

This short film revolves around a young girl who dreams to own an expensive dress to impress her boyfriend. Her dream takes her to a dark place she never knew existed. Making her realize that she must be careful what she wishes for.

The Tattered Dress 1957

After a wild night, wealthy Michael Reston's adulterous wife Charleen comes home with her ripe young body barely concealed by a dress in rags; murder results. Top defense lawyer J.G. Blane, whose own marriage exists in name only, arrives in Desert View, Nevada to find the townsfolk and politically powerful Sheriff Hoak distinctly hostile to the Restons. In due course, Blane discovers he's been "taken for a ride," and that quiet desert communities can be deadly...

The Boy in the Dress 2014

Based on David Walliams' best-selling children's book, with an all-star cast including Jennifer Saunders, James Buckley, David Walliams and Kate Moss, The Boy in the Dress is a celebration of creativity, difference, football and fashion. Dennis feels different - an ordinary boy in an ordinary house in an ordinary street, playing football with his mates and living with his dad and brother, but frustrated by the boring grey world he inhabits. Life has never really been the same since his mum left. However, transformation can happen in the most unexpected places. Aided by Lisa, the coolest girl in the school, Dennis creates a whole new persona and puts it to the ultimate test - but can a boy wear a dress, and what will the headmaster, his dad and his friends on the football team think if they find out?

Garage Sale Mystery: The Wedding Dress 2015

Jennifer Shannon has made a career of finding rare garage sale treasures to resell at the consignment store she owns with her business partner, Dani. When she finds a wedding dress that was worn on the day a groom went missing, Jennifer uses her knack for solving puzzles to investigate this unsolved cold case. After meeting the dress’s original owner, Helen, and finding traces of blood on the dress, Jennifer digs deeper into the decades-old mystery with the help of Detective Lynwood, and the support of her husband, Jason. With every clue that Jennifer uncovers, she gets closer to either finding the long-missing groom, or uncovering a wedding day murder.

The White Silk Dress 2006

The love story of Dan (a beautiful young woman) and Gu (a humpback), servants from two separate households in Ha Dong, Vietnam who have suffered most of their lives at the hands of their cruel masters. The couple flee south soon after Gu presents Dan with a wedding gift - the precious white silk dress his mother had owned (his one valuable possession), while he promises her a proper marriage someday in the future. The couple arrive in the seaside town of Hoi An and build a new life, with Dan ultimately giving birth to 4 daughters. Despite struggling through immense poverty and hardships, the family is happy and fulfilled as long as they have each other, but the horrors of the encroaching war brings tragedy and threatens to tear them apart.

The Wedding Dress 2001

When Hannah Pinkham's fiancé writes he's finally shipping home, her mother makes a fairy tale wedding dress, but while she's fitting it the knock on the door is not him, but the dreaded officer-messenger. Years later she sends it to her nephew, photographer Travis Cleveland, but his model-bride Cass only pretends to like it to get rid of his loyal assistant. After he walks off with it, his car gets stolen with the dress in it... And it keeps passing on from person to person, but will anybody actually get married in it or does it just keep bringing bad luck to couples?


Two friends set out to make a movie that will change their lives, but they borrow money from the wrong guy. When they lose their star, and the production falls apart, they become aware that the situation is much graver than once thought. As their fates are decided, the audience realizes everything is not as it seems.

Dress Reversal 1965

This series followed the exploits of Sad Cat, a scraggly looking cat, and his friends.

Bruno 2000

The story of a unique young boy genius, Bruno, whose expression of his own individuality leads his family and community along an emotional journey.

On Dress Parade 1939

The final feature in the "Dead End Kids" film series finds a youth trying to adjust to life at a military school.

The Dress 1970

Three short stories of life in Tel Aviv; A girl meets a boy in a library and has to decide what to do next; A young husband comes home to meet his wife's boyfriend; A young clerk opens a letter and finds the photograph of an unknown young girl who he then tries to locate.

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta 2010

Set in the nation's largest full service bridal salon, viewers go behind the scenes at Bridal's by Lori to see what each bride goes through to find the perfect wedding dress. Particular, fashionable and strong willed, these Southern brides keep the staff on their toes to make sure they get exactly what they want for one of the most important days of their life.

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