She'd Hate Rather Love 1971

Set in Sung Dynasty at a tumultuous time when China is invaded by the northern Jin Empire, the story revolves around swordsman Ge (David Tong Wai), who is wronged for murdering the son of the Prime Minister. Luckily, his superb kung fu helps him escape. But when the Sung General Chang is killed by the Jin Admiral Wanyan, and Chang's beautiful daughter Chu (Han Hsiang Chin) is seeking a patriotic hero to avenge his father's death, Ge pledges to assassinate Wanyan within ten days and marry Chu. But he has to first deal with the four kung fu masters serving under the Jin Admiral.

She-Devil 1989

A cunning and resourceful housewife vows revenge on her husband when he begins an affair with a wealthy romance novelist.

Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts 2017

Hannah Swensen is thrilled when she is chosen as a guest for the first Eden Lake Dessert Bake-Off, but when fellow judge, Coach Bishop is found murdered, Hannah once again takes it upon herself to find the killer.

Aces Go Places II 1983

An assassin called Filthy Harry is hired by a shady figure and charged with killing the heroes. The men are framed twice for different robberies by King Kong's new girlfriend, nearly committed to a mental hospital by their devious boss, and forced to battle Filthy Harry's weaponry-laden robot while covered with time bombs.

She Done Him Wrong 1933

New York singer and nightclub owner Lady Lou has more men friends than you can imagine. One of them is a vicious criminal who’s escaped and is on the way to see “his” girl, not realising she hasn’t exactly been faithful in his absence. Help is at hand in the form of young Captain Cummings, a local temperance league leader.

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death 1943

During WWII several murders occur at a convalescent home where Dr. Watson has volunteered his services. He summons Holmes for help and the master detective proceeds to solve the crime from a long list of suspects including the owners of the home, the staff and the patients recovering there.

She Made Them Do It 2012

"She Made Them Do It" follows the twisted life of Sarah Pender (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) a charismatic, intelligent young woman who would become one of the country’s most sought after fugitives.

My Dog Shep 1946

An orphan boy on his way to live with his uncle picks up a stray dog, and the two become fast friends. However, the uncle doesn't want the dog, and when chickens are found dead, the uncle accuses the dog of killing them. The boy decides that it's time he and the dog hit the road so they run away, and meet up with an elderly man who also ran away from a home where he believed he wasn't wanted either.

Salome, Where She Danced 1945

During the Austrian-Prussian war, Anna Marie is a dancer who is forced to flee her country after she is accused of being a spy. She ends up in a lawless western town in Arizona, where she uses her charms and dancing skills to transform herself into "Salome" during her dance routines.

Shepherd’s Delight 1984

Many of my films involve humour, but unlike the earlier work Shepherd’s Delight attempts to confront the problem of humour head-on, referring directly (since a large part of the film is composed of jokes and their analysis) to the viewer’s perception of the film itself. The film is largely concerned with how context determines the reading of information. Since the film’s statements oscillate between the deadly serious (concentrating particularly on an examination of the more sinister aspects of humour) and the totally bogus, with no clearly defined points of changeover, the context is often ambiguous. Hopefully, this strategy undermines both the authority of the ‘serious’ statements and any predictable effect of the ‘jokes’. John Smith, 1984

Black Honey, the Life and and Poetry of Avraham Sutskever 2018

As long as Abraham Sutskever lived, he wouldn't let a film about his life be made. Today, eight years after his passing, Black Honey tells the incredible story of the greatest Yiddish poet of modern times. Sutskever led the Paper Brigade underground movement that saved Jewish manuscripts from the Nazis, survived WWII due to Stalin sending him a private rescue plane, testified in the Nuremberg Trials, and immigrated to Israel in 1947 where he led Yiddish culture, while writing in astonishing vitality.

Sherlock: The Final Problem 2017

Long buried secrets finally come to light as someone has been playing a very long game indeed. Sherlock and John face their greatest ever challenge. Is the game finally over?

Sherlock Holmes 1984

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a series of adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories which were produced by Granada Television and originally broadcast by ITV in the United Kingdom.

Elementary 2012

A modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cracks the NYPD's most impossible cases. Following his fall from grace in London and a stint in rehab, eccentric Sherlock escapes to Manhattan where his wealthy father forces him to live with his worst nightmare - a sober companion, Dr. Watson.

Dark Shell

Dark Shell: Lust in the Cage is a 2003 Japanese erotic original video animation directed by Katsuma Kanazawa. The storyline follows the grisly fates of a group of civilian women in a fictional, war-torn Tokyo, as they are repeatedly raped by the soldiers that are supposed to protect them. The Box set was released on July 2, 2004 by NuTech Digital. Another release was done by Adult Source Media October 11, 2006

Sheer Dallas

Sheer Dallas was a 2005 television reality show about the rich and eccentric lives of people in Dallas, Texas. It is aired by the cable network The Learning Channel. Some characters included Steve Kemble, Brooke Webster and Charlie Price. The show was narrated by Larry Hagman, who played J.R. Ewing on Dallas.

The Dukes of Hazzard 1979

Cousins Bo and Luke Duke and their car "General Lee", assisted by Cousin Daisy and Uncle Jesse, have a running battle with the authorities of Hazzard County (Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane), plus a string of ne'er-do-wells often backed by the scheming Hogg.

Space Sheriff Gavan 1982

Space Sheriff Gavan is the first of the Metal Hero Series. It aired on TV Asahi from March 5, 1982 through February 25, 1983. For distribution purposes, Toei refers to this television series as Space Cop Gabin.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson 1979

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is a series of five films produced by Lenfilm for the Soviet Central Television, split into eleven episodes, starring Vasily Livanov as Sherlock Holmes and Vitaly Solomin as Dr. Watson. They were directed by Igor Maslennikov and filmed in Russia (the then Soviet Union) between 1979 and 1986, and the series was one of the most successful in the history of Russian television.

Murder Rooms: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes 2000

Murder Rooms: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes is a BBC television drama series co produced with WGBH Boston, a PBS station, originally broadcast in 2000 and 2001. Its premise is that during Conan Doyle's time as a general practitioner in Southsea, England he solved mysteries with his mentor, Dr Joseph Bell, who travels from Edinburgh for each case. It was inspired by the fact that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based the character of Sherlock Holmes on his tutor at the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Joseph Bell, and that Bell did occasionally do forensic work for the Edinburgh police. It is said that Dr. Bell had similar deductive and observation skills to the famous Sherlock Holmes.

#Shelfie with Dan Hong 2016

You post it, he cooks it. #Shelfie with Dan Hong follows the celebrity chef as he heads inside the diverse households of modern Australia to whip up a feast using what he finds on their shelves.

The Dirt Sheet

The Dirt Sheet is a WWE.COM Weekly webcast hosted by WWE Superstars John Morrison and The Miz. The debuted on February 8, 2008. The show is based on the Comedy of the ECW Tag Team. The show debuted live on ECW in June, 2008.

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