The Stranger Wore a Gun 1953

Having been a spy for Quantrill's raiders during the Civil War, Jeff Travis thinking himself a wanted man, flees to Prescott Arizona where he runs into Jules Mourret who knows of his past. He takes a job on the stage line that Mourret is trying to steal gold from. When Mourret's men kill a friend of his he sets out to get Mourret and his men. When his plan to have another gang get Mourret fails, he has to go after them himself.

A Stranger in Paradise 2013

On the verge of making partner, Josh Pratt’s (Colin Egglesfield) life is turned upside down when the SEC investigates the head of his multi-billion dollar hedge fund for insider trading. Forced into a well-timed “vacation” he never asked for Josh finds himself in Bangkok with a price on his head, a morally ambiguous brother who is knee deep into the Thai mafia, and a propensity for getting shot at. Unfortunately for Josh, the only way out is to give up information he doesn’t know he has.

Another Perfect Stranger 2007

Ten years have passed. Nikki's daughter Sarah, now 19 and heading West for college, is at her own spiritual crossroads. To make matters worse, her mother has recently revealed that, nearly a decade ago, she was the dinner guest of the Almighty himself. Thinking her mom is certifiably insane, Sarah strikes up an unlikely friendship with a travel companion who shares her disdain for religion.

Stranger on the Run 1967

A drifter finds himself wrongly accused of murder by a power-crazed sheriff. The sheriff gives him a horse, some supplies, and a one-hour head start into the desert, then he will send his murderous posse after him.

Stranger from Venus 1954

A stranger turns up at an English country pub and asks to stay, although reveals that he has no money. He even claims to have no name. The police become suspicious when he reveals details about Susan North, a local girl who has gone missing. However, when the police try to take the stranger in for questioning, they find that they are unable to lay their hands on him. Susan then turns up, revealing that she has been in a car crash and how the stranger saved and miraculously healed her. The stranger tells them that he is a visitor from the planet Venus. The authorities block off all exits in and out of the town. The stranger tells government representatives that he wants a meeting with heads of world governments for when his people arrive in their ship in four days time. As they set this up, the stranger discovers that the authorities instead plan to lay a trap to capture his people’s ship – something they do not realise could have disastrous consequences for Earth.

The Stranger 1995

In this modern retelling of High Plains Drifter, a female biker rides into a desert town to seek revenge on "Angel" and his ruthless gang.

Phone Call from a Stranger 1952

Four strangers board a plane and become fast friends, but a catastrophic crash leaves only one survivor. He then sets off on a journey to discover who these people were, but ultimately discovers the devastating truth about himself.

Toki no Tabibito: Time Stranger 1986

In the new Calendar Year of 392, in Neo-Tokyo, a young man, Agino Jiro, steals a time synchronization system and tries to escape to the past. The authorities give chase and damage his ship in the pursuit, forcing him to land in modern day Tokyo, Determined, he breaks into a van and attaches the device, recklessly kidnapping Nobucho, Shinichi, Teko and their teacher, Hokubei. Their initial resistance force lands them in Tokyo on March 9th 1945, during the US bombing campaign. Escaping again to the past the group eventually arrives at the Warring States period. There the future and the past collide as factions from Jiro's era seek to alter their past at a pivotal moment at Honnoji.

A Stranger Is Watching 1982

Three years after Steve Peterson's wife, Nina, was murdered in front of their 11 year old daughter Julie, she and his new girlfriend Sharon Martin are kidnapped by the same killer, the psychotic Artie Taggart. Imprisoning them in a bunker below Grand Central Station, he throws the police into a race against time to save the girls and catch the killer.

Intimate Stranger 1991

A policeman (James Russo) guards a barroom singer (Deborah Harry) whose phone-sex sideline has put a killer (Tim Thomerson) on her trail.

Not as a Stranger 1955

Lucas Marsh, an intern bent upon becoming a first-class doctor, not merely a successful one. He courts and marries the warm-hearted Kristina, not out of love but because she is highly knowledgeable in the skills of the operating room and because she has frugally put aside her savings through the years. She will be, as he shrewdly knows, a supportive wife in every way. She helps make him the success he wants to be and cheerfully moves with him to the small town in which he starts his practice. But as much as he tries to be a good husband to the undemanding Kristina, Marsh easily falls into the arms of a local siren and the patience of the long-sorrowing Kristina wears thin.

Stranger in the House 2016

Jade, a newly married lawyer, is shocked to discover that her elderly father has married his live-in nurse, who is less than half his age. Betrayal, murder, and dark secrets are on the horizon......

Hands of a Stranger 1962

A concert pianist loses his hands in a car crash, but a surgeon gives him new ones. The experimental medical procedure goes awry when the new hands drive the pianist mad.

Stranger In Town 1931

Homespun vaudeville monologist Chic Sale repeats his "old geezer" characterization in Warner Bros.' Stranger in Town. Sale is cast as Crickle, a tenacious small-town grocer who stubbornly resists the efforts of a monopolistic chain-store firm to purchase his establishment. The chain manager retaliates by cutting off Crickles' supply of produce, whereupon our hero's friends and neighbors save his business by supplying him with goods from their own farms.

Stranger in Town 1998

A 13-year-old boy, whose single mother moved her family from the big city to a small town, begins to suspect that a stranger who befriends his family is not who he initially appears to be. Harry Hamlin, Graham Green, Rebecca Jenkins and Trevor Blumas star.

Look, Stranger 2010

A psychological portrait of a woman traveling home in a war-torn world.

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