It Was Fifty Years Ago Today! The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper & Beyond 2017

Featuring interviews with former employees, fellow musicians, family members and journalists, and supported by original and exclusive never-seen-before footage, this star-studded rockumentary offers a fascinating insight into the creation and recording of one of the most ground-breaking and influential albums in pop history.

The Beatles: Let It Be 1970

Documentary film about The Beatles rehearsing and recording songs for the album Let It Be in January 1969. The film features an unannounced rooftop concert by the group, their last performance in public. Released just after the album, it was the final original Beatles release. This film has not been commercially available since the 1980s.

Magical Mystery Tour 1967

A typically Beatlesque film originally produced for television, this short film was intended to be an off-the-wall road movie with the Beatles and three dozen or so friends on a psychedelic bus.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years 2016

The band stormed Europe in 1963, and, in 1964, they conquered America. Their groundbreaking world tours changed global youth culture forever and, arguably, invented mass entertainment as we know it today. All the while, the group were composing and recording a series of extraordinarily successful singles and albums. However the relentless pressure of such unprecedented fame, that in 1966 became uncontrollable turmoil, led to the decision to stop touring. In the ensuing years The Beatles were then free to focus on a series of albums that changed the face of recorded music.

The Beatles: Help! 2007

30 minute documentary about the making of the film Help! with Richard Lester, the cast and crew. Includes exclusive behind the scenes footage of The Beatles on set.

The Beatles 1+ 2015

The Beatles '1' was originally released in 2000 and quickly became the fastest selling album of all time. Featuring 27 of the band's most significant singles, all of which reached #1 in the US or UK charts, '1+' represents the ultimate collector's edition of The Beatles '1', featuring all 27 promo videos from the album and an additional 23 videos, including alternate versions, as well as rarely seen and newly restored films and videos. All the videos have been beautifully restored by a team of film and video technicians and restoration artists who have undertaken painstaking frame-by-frame cleaning, colour-grading, digital enhancement and new edits that took months of dedicated, 'round-the-clock work to accomplish.

The Beatles Unauthorized 1965

A one-of-a-kind compilation offering a fascinating, entertaining, and surprising look at the Fab Four with rare newsreel footage, candid and revealing interviews, and historic performances. Included are their first U.S. concert in Washington, D.C., never-before-seen highlights from the Hollywood Bowl, a rare uncensored interview filmed just before their very last concert, and live renditions of many hits.

The Beatles: Rooftop Concert 1969

The Beatles, with Billy Preston, gave their final live performance on January 30th 1969 atop the Apple building at 3 Savile Row, London, in what became the climax of their Let It Be film. The 42-minute show was recorded onto two eight-track machines in the basement of Apple, by George Martin, engineer Glyn Johns and tape operator Alan Parsons. That was one of the greatest and most exciting days of my life. To see The Beatles playing together and getting an instant feedback from the people around them, five cameras on the roof, cameras across the road, in the road, it was just unbelievable. Alan Parsons The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, Mark Lewisohn The songs performed on the roof: Get Back (five versions) I Want You (She's So Heavy) Don't Let Me Down (two versions) I've Got A Feeling One After 909 Danny Boy Dig A Pony (two versions) God Save The Queen A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

The Compleat Beatles 1982

A documented account of the life and career of the Fab Four, from their early years in Liverpool to their breakup, featuring rare interview and concert footage.

Waiting for the Beatles 2012

Dynamic and funny, this documentary traces the Mexican Beatlemania through the stories of the most fervent fans of the Liverpool quartet. The inevitable regionalization of these British musicians by Mexican bands, and the desire of the Mexican fans for a Beatles world is still alive thanks to their relics, make this film an anthropological document with a sense of humor.

How the Beatles Changed the World 2017

The fascinating story of the cultural, social, spiritual, and musical revolution ignited by the coming of the Beatles. Tracing the impact that these four band members had, first in their native Britain and soon after worldwide, it reappraises the band and follows their path from young subversives to countercultural heroes. Featuring fresh, revealing interviews with key collaborators as well as a wealth of rarely-seen archival footage, this documentary presents a bold new take on the most significant band in the history of music and their enduring impact on popular culture.

The Birth Of The Beatles 1979

Birth of The Beatles is a 1979 biopic motion picture, produced by Dick Clark Productions and directed by Richard Marquand. Focuses on the early history of 1960s rock band The Beatles. It was released only nine years after the announced break-up of The Beatles themselves, and is the only Beatles biopic to be made while John Lennon was still alive. The film tries very hard to be accurate, opening with a written statement read out by a narrator stating the authenticity of the production, emphasising as it put it: "former Beatle, Pete Best" acting as technical advisor.

The Beatles: Love Me Do - A Documentary 2013

On October 5th 1962, the Beatles released their first single, Love Me Do. It was a moment that changed music history and popular culture forever. It was also an extraordinary year in social and cultural history, not just for Liverpool but for the world, with the Cuban missile crisis, John Glenn in space and beer at a shilling a pint. Stuart Maconie explores how the Beatles changed from leather and slicked back hair to suits and Beatle mops, and how their fashion set the pace for the sixties to follow. Pop artist Sir Peter Blake, Bob Harris and former Beatles drummer Pete Best join friends to reflect on how the Beatles evolved into John, Paul, George and Ringo - the most famous band in the world.

Deconstructing The Beatles' Revolver 2017

In Deconstructing The Beatles’ Revolver, composer/producer Scott Freiman takes Beatles fans young and old into the studio with The Beatles as they create their seminal 1966 album, Revolver.

Yellow Submarine 1968

The Blue Meanies take over Pepperland, draining it of all its color and music, firing anti-music missiles, bonking people with green apples, and turning the inhabitants to stone by way of the pointed finger of a giant blue glove. As the only survivor, the Lord Admiral escapes in the yellow submarine and goes to Liverpool to enlist the help of the Beatles.

The Beatles: Destination Hamburg 2007

Packed with interviews and restored footage, this hourlong documentary recounts the story of the Beatles -- from their early days as the Quarrymen and meteoric rise to international fame to their place in the pantheon of music history. Included are recordings by early Fab Four collaborator Tony Sheridan, plus Kenny Everett radio interviews with mop tops Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Ringo Starr.

The Beatles 1 2015

Between 1962 and 1970, The Beatles released 27 No. 1 hit singles in the U.S. and the U.K. In 2000, these timeless songs were collected for The Beatles 1, which topped the charts in 35 countries and became that decade's bestselling album worldwide. 15 years later, 1 is revisited for this entirely new, visually-inspired presentation.

The Beatles: Love 2006

Multichannel DVD Audio bundled with the LOVE CD. Love is a soundtrack remix album of music recorded by the Beatles, released in November 2006. It features music compiled and remixed as a mashup for the Cirque du Soleil show of the same name. Produced by Giles Martin and George Martin.

Bigger Than the Beatles 2017

When Beach Boy Dennis Wilson introduced his new pal to the L.A. music scene, sparks began to fly. Charlie, an intense singer-songwriter, penned some songs for The Beach Boys, but his worldwide fame came for another reason entirely.

The Beatles 1965

The Beatles is an American animated television series featuring the fanciful and musical misadventures of the popular English rock band of the same name. It ran from 1965 to 1969 on ABC in the US. The series debuted on September 25, 1965 and ended on September 7, 1969. A total of 39 episodes were produced. The series was shown on Saturday mornings at 10:30 AM EST until the 1967 third season when it was moved to 12:00 PM EST. For the fourth season, which consisted of reruns, the series was shown at 9:30 AM EST on Sunday mornings. Each episode has a name of a Beatles song, so the story is based on its lyrics and it is also played at some time in the episode. The original series was rebroadcast in syndication by MTV in 1986 and 1987 and on the Disney Channel. The series was a historical milestone as the first weekly television series to feature animated versions of real, living people.

The Beatles on Record 2010

In 1962 an unknown group from Liverpool entered Abbey Road Studios to record their debut single. During the next eight years they created what is arguably regarded as the greatest collection of studio recordings of the 20th century. This film charts The Beatles' extraordinary journey from Please Please Me to Abbey Road and reflects how they developed as musicians, matured as songwriters and created a body of work that sounds as fresh now as the time it was recorded. Narrated entirely by John, Paul, George and Ringo and Sir George Martin, the documentary features rare footage and photos from The Beatles' archives and never heard before out-takes of music and studio chat from the Abbey Road recording sessions.

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