The Fabulous Baker Boys 1989

Frank and Jack Baker are professional musicians who play small clubs. They play smaltzy music and have never needed a day job...

The Baker 2007

Milo (Damian Lewis) is a professional hit man living on the edge. When failing to fulfil a contract for the first time, Milo escapes the city to avoid the wrath of his employers. Hiding out in a remote rural village, the locals mistake him for the new baker.

The Wendell Baker Story 2005

Luke Wilson plays a good-hearted ex-con who gets a job in a retirement hotel. Three elderly residents help him win back his girlfriend as he lends them a hand in fighting hotel corruption.

Beware of Mr. Baker 2012

Ginger Baker is known for playing in Cream and Blind Faith, but the world's greatest drummer didn’t hit his stride until 1972, when he arrived in Nigeria and discovered Fela Kuti's Afrobeat. After leaving Nigeria, Ginger returned to his pattern of drug-induced self-destruction, and countless groundbreaking musical works, eventually settling in South Africa, where the 73-year-old lives with his young bride and 39 polo ponies. This documentary includes interviews with Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Carlos Santana and more. Beware of Mr. Baker! With every smash of the drum is a man smashing his way through life.

Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker 1982

Rejected by her lover, the only man left in Cheryl's life is the orphaned nephew she has raised as her own son. She'll stop at nothing to keep Billy with her. When her plans misfire, she is swept up into an insane frenzy that means death to anyone who comes between her and her obsession. But the investigating detective is convinced that Billy is the real killer - and determined to prove it. Madness and fanaticism work together to drag all concerned into a terrifying vortex of blood-letting that adds a nightmarish twist to the classic Oedipus story.

The Xango from Baker Street 2001

Rio de Janeiro, 1886. A precious Stradivarius violin presented to Emperor Dom Pedro II is stolen. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are called to solve the case.

23 Paces to Baker Street 1956

Philip Hannon, a blind playwright living in London, overhears part of a conversation , that leads him into a desperate race, to find a kidnapped child. When he gets no help from the police, he along with his butler, and his ex fiancée, attempt to track down the crooks.

The Josephine Baker Story 1991

Biography of the African-American who became a major performer in the Paris cabarets of the 1920's and 1930's. The film follows her life beginning as a struggling performer in 1917 St. Louis, her frustrations leading to her move to France, and follows to her death in 1975. Written by John Sacksteder

Baker - Bootleg

J Strickland's Baker Bootleg video starred Jim Greco, Ali Boulala, Andrew Reynolds, Lil Eric, Heath Kirchart, PR Matt, Dustin Dollin, Ali Cairns, Brian Sumner, Jeff Lenoce, Warner Ave Mob, Elissa Steamer, Willy Santos, Atiba, Coung, Tung, Marcelle, Brad Hayes, Tony Hawk, Sammy Baptista, Primo, Brian Emmers, Dylan Gardner and more.

Baker 3 2005

Baker Skateboards, Giving Skateboarding A Bad Name Since 2000 Right when skateboarding starts to get socially accepted, we come in and ruin everything. With videos like this around, we're never gonna get in the Olympics... you can thank us later. Baker Skateboards, The Real Thing.

The Baker 2013

A happy colourful baker let's a little bit of bad in to see what will happen.

Baker 2G

Baker 2g was released in 2000 featuring the entire Baker Skateboards team.

Fred Baker - filmmaker 2007

The house he lived In: A conversation with Fred Baker (1932-2011) filmmaker , director , screenwriter , film producer, actor and jazz musician. A shining example of America's bohemian underground that has been around since the days of Walt Whitman. A sensualist. His favorite topics are sex, art, food and politics. To the rhythm of New York and Lenny Bruce.

Hope & Redemption: The Lena Baker Story 2008

Based on true events, The Lena Baker Story recounts one African-American womans struggle to rise above the challenges of her life, to face the choices she makes, and to ultimately triumph over her...Lena Baker was the first and only woman to be sentenced to death by the electric chair in the state of Georgia and was executed in 1945. She was pardoned posthumously in 2005.

The Mad Baker 1974

A Frankenstein Monster made of chocolate cake terrorizes the countryside.

Baker Street Live 2016

The sort film “Baker Street Live” is being produced for December 2016 exhibition “The Masterpieces of Russian Cinematography”. The film is aiming to intrigue the viewer by the strength of British culture taking place within Russian cinematography influencing and shaping the soviet and modern Russian society. The story of two puppets – Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson - undertaking an investigation and finding the lost pages scattered around London by which they are mostly intrigued. As the puppets keep finding page by page, they unveil their own story as if one discovers himself from within. And as ever, the successful investigation by Serlock results in the re-union of the lost pages with their lawful owner.

Josephine Baker: The Story of an Awakening 2018

How did a poor little black girl from Missouri become the Queen of Paris, before joining the French Resistance and finally creating her dream family “The Rainbow Tribe”, adopting twelve children from four corners of the world? This is the fabulous story of the first black superstar, Josephine Baker.

Butterflies of Bill Baker 2015

Bill Baker, a kind, sensitive and content man, enjoys life's simple pleasures, such as tilling his garden or playing with butterflies. His seemingly fulfilling life is disrupted by Pavornocturnus - a night terror disorder that causes Bill to commit violent acts while asleep. His disorder can only be relieved with a unique, dangerous, and mind-altering technology.

Baker - Summer Tour 2001

The Baker Summer Tour 2001 video featured Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Mike Maldonado, Jeff Lenoce, Bryan Herman, Alex Gall, Evan Hernandez, Knox Godoy and Terry Kennedy.

Baker Boys 2011

Baker Boys is an English-language Welsh television drama series, produced by BBC Wales and broadcast on BBC One Wales. The series was written by Helen Raynor and Gary Owen. Torchwood creator Russell T Davies also had a role as creative consultant, which he fulfilled from Los Angeles. The first episode of the series was broadcast on 23 January 2011. The programme follows the workers of Valley Bara bakery which is the economic centre of Trefynydd, a small fictional village in South Wales. Generations of people had earned a living and formed a life at the bakery but this is thrown into jeopardy when recession bites and the bakery workers find themselves unemployed overnight. Writer Helen Raynor describes it as "a blue collar drama", explaining "we wanted to tell the story of a community, with a workplace at the centre of it, who suddenly fall on hard times".

Biff Baker U.S.A. 1952

Biff Baker, U.S.A. is an American crime drama television series that aired on CBS from November 6, 1952, to March 26, 1953 starring Alan Hale, Jr. as Cold War spy Biff Baker.

Eggs 'n' Baker 1988

Eggs 'n' Baker was a Saturday morning Children's BBC music and cookery show presented by ex-Bucks Fizz singer Cheryl Baker. It was often shown in the early morning slot before the magazine show, Going Live. During this time Cheryl was still a member of Bucks Fizz and would often appear with the group on the show. The show ran on BBC1 from 1988 to 1993.

Next Great Baker 2010

Next Great Baker is an American television series that airs on TLC, hosted by Buddy Valastro, the star of his own reality series, Cake Boss. The show features contestants participating in challenges that test their baking and decorating skills. Each week, a contestant will be eliminated; the last contestant standing will win a grand prize package that varies by season; other prizes for winning a challenge or the week's competition are also offered during the series.

Best Baker In America 2017

Eight of America's most-talented bakers will go head-to-head at the oven for the chance to claim $25,000 and the title of Best Baker in America after weeks of demanding challenges.

The Baker and the Beauty

Daniel Garcia is working in the family bakery and doing everything that his loving Cuban parents and siblings expect him to do. But on a wild Miami night he meets Noa Hamilton, an international superstar and fashion mogul, and his life moves into the spotlight. Will this unlikely couple upend their lives to be together and pull their families into a culture clash?

The Baker Street Boys 1983

The Baker Street Boys is a British television series made by the BBC and first shown in 1983. The series is based around a gang of street urchins living in Victorian London who assist the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes in solving crimes and find themselves tackling cases of their own.

The Josephine Baker Story

The Josephine Baker Story is a 1991 made-for-TV film that debuted on cable television network HBO. The film told the life of that of Josephine Baker, an African-American, who rose to popularity in France in the late-1920s with her "banana dance". In this dance, Baker wore only bananas on her bottom and went topless during most performances. Unlike most biographical films, The Josephine Baker Story deeply enters the personal life of Baker, rather than just her life in the public eye. The film starred Lynn Whitfield, Rubén Blades, and David Dukes; along with Louis Gossett, Jr., Craig T. Nelson, Kene Holliday, Vivian Bonnell, and Vivienne Eytle. The original music score was composed by Georges Delerue. The film was nominated for several awards.

Beauty and the Baker 2013

Amos, a 28-year-old baker, still lives with his parents and works in the family business. Noa is the most famous woman in the country and the beautiful daughter of a hotel magnate. Noa and Amos will meet by mistake, but it's a meeting neither will ever forget...

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