School 2017 2017

A coming-of-age story about the lives of 18-year-old high school students who are valued according to their ranking in school. Despite their frustrations, they find out how to make their own way in this world that seems to be a stagnant cycle of school and home.

Super Family 2017

Chun-Il is married to Ra-Yeon and they have a daughter Ik-Hee. Chun-Il works as a salaryman and tries to survive at his company. Ra-Yeon is worried about her husband's low salary and Ik-Hee going through adolescence.

Loaded 2017

Four friends who become multi-millionaires when they sell their video game company for a clean £246 million and overnight, the four friends are transformed from "people who play games" to "serious players in the game..." - or are they?

S.W.A.T. 2017

Follows a locally born and bred S.W.A.T. lieutenant who is torn between loyalty to the streets and duty to his fellow officers when he's tasked to run a highly-trained unit that's the last stop for solving crimes in Los Angeles.

Magical Circle Guruguru 2017

The seal that for hundreds of years had confined the demon king Giri has worn off. A young boy named Nike is chosen (against his will) as the hero. Together with Kukuri, a girl who is the lone survivor of the tribe that had used black magic to seal Giri, they set off to save the world, RPG style.

While You Were Sleeping 2017

A supernatural romance about a woman who can see the future in her dreams, and a prosecutor who fights to stop these future events from happening. The heroine has dreams about unfortunate events that will happen to other people, and the hero is a prosecutor who runs around trying to prevent her tragic visions from coming true.

Khan 2017 2017

Khan is the story of a homicidal kingmaker, who has strong influences in making and demolishing government. He lives with his family members in a gigantic villa apparently as a social worker, loving father and a noble person of society. Khan is out and out a family man, who cares about every relation in his surroundings. He pampers his wife, gives unconditional love to his daughter, and being the caretaker of his sister speaks volume about his gentleman hood. Not only this, he always remember his ex-lover in a sincere manner but very few of people know the other side of khan’s dark personality.

Class of 2017 2017

What happens when the lives of a few teenagers get intertwined with drugs, sex, peer pressure, and social anxiety? Do they crumble, or do they rise stronger? Watch the coming-of-age drama of these youngsters as they try to overcome teenage problems while learning about life. If you are older, this is nostalgia. If you are younger, this should prepare you for the best days of your life!

2017 KBS Song Festival 2017

Artists who shone the music industry of 2017 gather to present fantastic performances. 2017 has been a special year for Korea's music industry as many new talented artists were discovered while numerous famous songs were introduced. Start from Red Velvet to Mamamoo, Twice, and Wanna One, K Pop artists are ready to present warm and happy memories at the end of 2017.

2017 MBC Entertainment Awards 2017

The 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards (Hangul: MBC 방송연예대상; RR: MBC Bangsong Yeon-ye Daesang) presented by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), took place on December 29, 2017 at MBC Public Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. It was hosted by Kim Hee-chul, Han Jin and Yang Se-hyung. The nominees were chosen from MBC variety, music shows and sitcom that aired from December 2016 to November 2017

2017 KBS Drama Awards 2017

To celebrate the end of the year, the best actors, producers, and writers gather at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards. In 2017, there were many dramas that captured the heart of the viewers. What will be the show that has been loved the most by the viewers? Who will be the best actor of 2017?

2017 SBS Drama Awards 2017

The hottest actors, producers, and writers gather together to celebrate the end of the year at the 2017 SBS Drama Awards. In 2017, there were many dramas that captured the heart of the viewers. What will be the show that has been loved the most by viewers? And who will be the best actor of 2017?

2017 MBC Drama Awards 2017

To celebrate the end of the year, the hottest actors, producers, and writers gather at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards. In 2017, there were many dramas that captured the hearts of the viewers. What will be the show that has been loved the most by viewers? Who will be the best actor of 2017?

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