Orange County 2002

Shaun Brumder is a local surfer kid from Orange County who dreams of going to Stanford to become a writer and to get away from his disfunctional family household. Except Shaun runs into one complication after another starting when his application is rejected after his dim-witted guidance counselor sends the wrong application.

A Clockwork Orange 1971

Demonic gang-leader Alex goes on the spree of rape, mugging and murder with his pack of "droogs". But he's a boy who also likes Beethoven's Ninth and a bit of "the old in-out, in-out". He later finds himself at the mercy of the state and its brainwashing experiment designed to take violence off the streets.

Orange 2015

Naho Takamiya is a 2nd year high school student. During the spring, Naho Takamiya receives a letter sent by herself from 10 years in the future. In the letter, she liked transfer student Kakeru Naruse. Kakeru Naruse carried emotional scars from his mother's suicide and he died one year later. 26-years-old Naho Takamiya thinks about Kakeru Naruse often. 2nd year high school student Naho Takamiya, with the knowledge of what she feels 10 years in the future, takes action to change her future.

Orange 2018

While on a train journey, a rich lad Ganesh meets a cute bubbly girl Khushi and falls in love with her. He gathers the courage to talk to her but loses her in the crowd.

Orange 2010

A young man falls in love with a girl but has to keep lying to make her happy. Unable to continue, he tells her that it cannot go on and breaks up with her.

Orange 2009

This animated short poses some interesting questions: what if buildings pulsed, trees tapped out beats, or shadows could whistle a tune? Through the creative interpretation and animation of the city's natural rhythms, Orange orchestrates a contagious urban dance.

In Orange 2004

An 11 year old talented soccer player, Remco, has one big dream: to be selected for the national team under 12 years. His father Erik coaches him and everything seems to work out fine, until Erik suddenly dies. Remco and mother Sylvia are shocked. Remco keeps working to fulfil his dream, being helped by his friends Anne and Winston.

The Girl in the Orange Dress 2018

Anna, a conservative girl wakes up in a hotel room with the biggest actor in the country. Having no memory on how she got there, she must figure her way out of the hotel to avoid the fans and media swarming the hotel.

Orange: Future 2016

Twenty-six-year-old Hiroto Suwa; his wife, Naho; and their old high school classmates—Takako Chino, Azusa Murasaka, and Saku Hagita—visit Mt. Koubou to view the cherry blossoms together. While watching the setting sun, they reminisce about Kakeru Naruse, their friend who died 10 years ago. Mourning for him, they decide to visit Kakeru's old home, where they learn the secret of his death from his grandmother.

Tiger Orange 2014

In the small Central California town where they grew up, two estranged gay brothers struggle to reconnect after the recent death of their father.

Blood Orange 2016

The idyllic life of Bill, a retired aging rock star, and his young wife is rocked by a lover from her past, resulting in catastrophic consequences.

Orange 2012

A lorry driver gives a lift to a stranger, unaware of the consequences of this action. Yakobi, a lorry driver works at a dairy farm. He marries Saritha without anyone's knowledge and they have a baby. One day, a stranger named Muthu asks Yakobi for a lift and says that he needs a job. Yakobi helps him get a job at the dairy. However, Muthu turns his life upside down.

Orange Mittai 2015

The journey of an old man and an EMT specialist in an ambulance becomes unexpectedly meaningful for both of them.

Sugar Orange 2004

Lukas is Sugar, Clemens is Orange. Together, they are two ten-year-old boys who are inseparable. More than just playmates, they share a unique bond which seems predestined to last a lifetime. Until, that is, powerful emotions come to the fore and a misunderstanding leads to a rift which tears both them and their world apart. Twenty years later, Lukas is still terrified of being abandoned. He survives by forming loose relationships which don't threaten him. Then one day he meets Lena who turns his feelings upside down and awakens his inner child, the one still searching for unconditional friendship. While there is never a guarantee of security, there is a bond of trust, and through Lena, Lukas again makes contact with Clemens. After years of silence, they are finally able to exorcise their ghosts in an explosion of emotion.

Orange Sunshine 2016

The never-before-told story of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love – a spiritual group of surfers and hippies in Southern California that became the largest suppliers of psychedelic drugs in the world during the 1960s and early 1970s. Bonded by their dreams to fight social injustice and spread peace, this unlikely band of free-spirited idealists quickly transformed into a drug-smuggling empire and at the same time inadvertently invented the modern illegal drug trade. At the head of the Brotherhood, and the heart of this story, is the anti-capitalistic husband and wife team, who made it their mission to change the world through LSD.

Orange 2003

ORANGE is inspired by the direct film (cameraless) tradition. This tradition includes works in which the filmstrip is directly manipulated by painting, scratching, or otherwise placing objects on it. This tradition was probably originated by Len Lye in his hand painted A COLOUR BOX from 1935. To create his piece, Gregg Biermann cut up an orange into several pieces and scanned the pieces into his computer. He then took the image files of the orange pieces and “pasted” them directly into the video strip using a photo editing software package. This technique then transforms the orange pieces into what appears to be a random exploding jumble of images when viewed.

Orange 1971

A study of a girl eating an orange.

The Orange Years

For millions of people, the Nickelodeon Network is synonymous with growing up. In just a few years, the channel grew from a small local channel to an international phenomenon that helped shape a generation. Led by Geraldine Laybourne, the visionary who turned the company into an $8 billion juggernaut. But what was the whole story? The Orange Years journeys behind the scenes of the "kids first" phenomenal programming to chronicle the unprecedented success of Nickelodeon, straight from the mouths of those who brought the classic shows to us as children. Filled with interviews from the actors, writers, animators, and creators from all your favorite golden age Nick shows, the film offers a new perspective on Nickelodeon, from the humble origins of the channel deep into the SNICK years.

The Real Housewives of Orange County 2006

A view into the lives of several women and their families who live in one of the wealthiest communities in the country with the viewer taken "inside the gates" to show their lives aren't always perfect.

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