The Work and the Glory 2004

When Benjamin Steed and Mary Ann Steed relocate their family to upstate New York in the early 1800's, they unwittingly settle in a town divided along religious lines. After their new hired help turns out to be at the center of the uproar, each member of the Steed family must come to terms with their own beliefs in the face of heavy persecution. Together they struggle to weather the raging controversy surrounding a young man named Joseph Smith.

The Work and the Glory II: American Zion 2005

"The Work and The Glory: American Zion" sets the story of the fictional Steed family against the historically factual backdrop of the Mormon people's move into the West. Divided by their diverse reactions to a nascent ideology, the Steeds struggle to hold together as the strength of their convictions and their filial bonds are tested. The stirring narrative of the faith that led a persecuted people to Missouri and beyond is one of the most poignant untold tales of American history. It is the account of a valiant struggle to exercise the rights promised by a fledgling nation. "The Work and the Glory: American Zion" unearths the story of the passion behind the movement which eventually launched the largest American migration and the colonization of the West: the vision of a promised land in America.

The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided 2006

Joshua Steed returns to Missouri a wealthy man with a beautiful wife; however, the past has a way of catching up. Soon Joshua is tangled in a web of rumors, deception and betrayal that threatens to tear his family apart. Back in Kirtland, financial trouble riddles the foundations of the fledgling Church causing a division, and questioning of the Prophet Joseph Smith's divine calling. Has he lost his prophetic gift? Hundreds of Saints immigrate to Missouri, where Governor Boggs raises an army - with Joshua at its head - to address the "Mormon Problem." When the militia receives orders to attack the Mormon settlement, only Joshua can save his family from the gathering mob.

Glory Days 2002

Wunderkind author Mike Dolan achieved literary fame at age 21 with a steamy expose on his seemingly idyllic Maine town. Six years later, he hasn't written another word and reluctantly returns home in search of an antidote ... where he is welcomed back with all the warmth of a lynch mob.

Glory Daze 2010

Glory Daze is an American comedy-drama television series. The one-hour series revolves around a group of college freshmen who pledge a fraternity in 1986. The series aired from November 16, 2010, to January 18, 2011 on TBS. On February 24, 2011, TBS announced that the series would not be renewed for a second season due to poor ratings.

Call to Glory 1984

Call to Glory is an American television series that aired 23 episodes during the 1984-1985 TV season on the ABC-TV network. The show focused on USAF pilot Colonel Raynor Sarnac and his family, living near Edwards Air Force Base during the early 1960s. Heavily promoted during ABC's broadcast of the 1984 Summer Olympics, the pilot episode aired August 13, 1984. The first episode related to the U-2 flights over Cuba during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. During its production run, the show came to focus more on the loneliness experienced by wife Vanessa Sarnac while stationed on base and what she and the family would do to spend time in productive pursuits while enduring the Antelope Valley's then more noticeable isolation from civilization. The series was an early appearance of in the career of actor Elisabeth Shue, who starred as the Sarnacs' daughter.

The Glory of Tang Dynasty 2017

It is a adapted from a novel by Cang Min Shui 沧溟水 that tells the life of a woman, intelligent and kind, who becomes a concubine of the inner court while her love for the people enables her to do great things for the country. It's standard palace politics that we've all heard before but also the kind of story that can be so addictively good.

Glory, Glory

Glory, Glory was a 1998 television series pilot directed by Robert Butler and starring Michael York and Rena Sofer and produced by Aaron Spelling. The series was never picked up after the first episode.

Glory! Glory!

Glory! Glory! is a 1989 televangelism comedy film directed by Lindsay Anderson and starring Ellen Greene that originally aired on HBO in two parts.

Beyond the Glory 2001

Beyond the Glory was a documentary series that profiles some of the most legendary and controversial athletes in recent history. Executive produced by Steve Michaels and Frank Sinton and narrated by Jay Mohr, the show used archived video, on-camera interviews and player histories to take viewers beyond the playing field and into the athletes' lives and minds. The series was produced by Asylum Entertainment.

Glory Days 1990

Glory Days is an American drama television series that aired from July 25 until September 13, 1990.

Shimokita Glory Days 2006

Yuta Ono flees from the responsibilities of his family run business and attempts to get into college to get a girl. By a twist a fate, Yuta Ono then finds himself living with five beautiful young ladies. all of whom Yuta finds exciting.

Age of Glory

Amid the thriving nightlife of 1960s Kuala Lumpur, three Chinese friends -- a showgirl, her housekeeper and a chanteuse -- find love and heartbreak.

Bound For Glory 2005

Bound for Glory was a television show on ESPN, from October to December 2005. This show featured former Chicago Bear Dick Butkus coaching the suburban Pittsburgh Montour High School Spartans. The Spartans were a perennial Pennsylvania state champion contender in the 1950s and 1960s but have had consistent losing records since. ESPN and Dick Butkus came in with the intention of turning around their post-millennium losing ways but failed miserably. The Spartans made the playoffs the year after Butkus and the ESPN team left.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory was the fourth attempt at breakfast television live programming on Channel 4. It was presented by Dermot O'Leary every weekday morning from 8.30 - 9 am. Due to low ratings, despite having Big Brother's Little Breakfast as a lead in show, it was not renewed.

Hope and Glory 1999

Hope and Glory is a BBC television drama about a comprehensive school struggling with financial, staffing and disciplinary problems, and faced with closure. It starred Lenny Henry as maverick "Superhead" Ian George, enlisted to turn around the school's fortunes. It was created by Lucy Gannon, who had previously created Soldier Soldier, and was inspired by a real head teacher named William Atkinson.

Glory Jane 2011

The series follows the romantic and professional trials of an aspiring nurse and two baseball players as they strive for their love and dreams.

Girls Guts Glory 2017

When you dress up and play Dungeons and Dragons with your girlfriends... oh ya, and film it.

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