Ugly 2013

A team of the best cops in Mumbai is dispatched to find a girl who has gone missing from her father's car. As the hunt for the kidnapper begins, fingers suspiciously point to closer home.

Coyote Ugly 2000

Graced with a velvet voice, 21-year-old Violet Sanford heads to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a songwriter only to find her aspirations sidelined by the accolades and notoriety she receives at her "day" job as a barmaid at Coyote Ugly. The "Coyotes" as they are affectionately called tantalize customers and the media alike with their outrageous antics, making Coyote Ugly the watering hole for guys on the prowl.

The Ugly Truth 2009

A romantically challenged morning show producer is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result.

Ugly Melanie 2008

This is the story of too nice girl who one day decides to become evil. And who will find out it is not so easy to do wrong when you have always been nice.

The Ugly Swans 2006

In the near future, writer Victor Banev gets himself on a UN commission to investigate what's going on in the remote town of Tashlinsk, where reports tell of a virus-created race of brainiac mutants. Banev's tween daughter Ira is enrolled at a school for gifted children which has been taken over by the mutants, who have grown to despise ordinary humanity.

The Ugly Dachshund 1966

The Garrisons are the "proud parents" of three adorable dachshund pups - and one overgrown Great Dane named Brutus, who nevertheless thinks of himself as a dainty dachsie. His identity crisis results in an uproarious series of household crises that reduce the Garrisons' house to shambles - and viewers to howls of laughter!

The Ugly Duckling 1931

The film begins with a mother hen sitting on her eggs from which six baby chicks are born. Though initially overjoyed, her mood changes to disgust when the final egg hatches out a duckling. Though the duckling desperately attempts to win his foster family's acceptance, the mother hen is adamant in her refusal to care for an infant that isn't even her species, let alone not even hers.

You're Ugly Too 2015

After her mother’s death, Stacey moves with her uncle Will to a remote region in the Irish midlands. As the two cautiously get to know each other, they have to deal with the dark shadows of the past.

The Ugly Duckling 1939

A remake of an earlier (1931) Silly Symphony retells the story of an outcast duckling whose search for a family to accept him leads to constant rejection before learning his true identity as a swan.

Ugly 2011

Kazuya is an aimless photographer in Paris who attempts suicide while visiting the city. He goes to see his half-brother Satoshi who lives there, but finds his two roommates instead and they seem to be hiding something.

Ugly 2016

The ugliest brother in the family at last finds someone to confront for his perceived ugliness.

Ugly 2017

The story of those who are going through suffering, struggle, loss and despair, trying to find their way out of the depths.

The Ugly 1997

A female psychologist wants to understand the minds of a confessed serial killer who spent the last five years in a mental hospital because of his state.

Ugly Me 2006

A beautiful woman (Mori) decides to transform into an ugly duckling in an attempt to ward off men and avoid more romantic disappointments.

Pretty Ugly People 2009

The grass might not be as green as one might think on the other side of obesity. Pretty Ugly People takes a wickedly comedic look at body image, self-loathing and sex within a group of estranged friends in their mid-30s. Lucy was obese her entire life and had always longed to be a thin so she could finally lose her virginity.

Diary of An Ugly 2014

A young woman takes a job as a personal maid for a rich young man. The pair do not get along, but soon due to their classmates' games of love, their relationship grows more complicated than before.


This short film tells the story of a teenage kid interacts with the challenges of young love, social status, and real friendship. His decisions become the cost of gambling the exchange of these emotional standards in a common high school life.

Ugly 2017

An ugly cat struggles to coexist in a fragmented and broken world, eventually finding a soulmate in a mystical chief. Inspired by the internet story ‘Ugly the Cat’.

The Ugly American 1963

An intelligent, articulate scholar, Harrison MacWhite, survives a hostile Senate confirmation hearing at the hands of conservatives to become ambassador to Sarkan, a southeast Asian country where civil war threatens a tense peace. Despite his knowledge, once he's there, MacWhite sees only a dichotomy between the U.S. and Communism. He can't accept that anti-American sentiment might be a longing for self-determination and nationalism. So, he breaks from his friend Deong, a local opposition leader, ignores a foreman's advice about slowing the building of a road, and tries to muscle ahead. What price must the country and his friends pay for him to get some sense?

Ugly Betty 2006

Smart but wholesome Betty embraces her unique appearance and independent attitude in the cutthroat world of New York fashion. With the help of her proud yet far-from-glamorous family from Queens, Betty will continue to have big dreams and deal with any obstacle in her own unique style.

Ugly Americans 2010

Ugly Americans is an American animated sitcom created by Devin Clark and developed by David M. Stern. The program focuses on the life of Mark Lilly, a social worker employed by the Department of Integration, in an alternate reality version of New York City inhabited by monsters and other creatures. Daniel Powell serves as executive producer and Aaron Augenblick is supervising producer and animation director. Ugly Americans aired on Comedy Central from March 17, 2010 to April 25, 2012 with a total of 31 episodes over two seasons.

Ugly Delicious 2018

Star chef David Chang leads friends on a mouthwatering, cross-cultural hunt for the world's most satisfying grub. All the flavor. None of the BS.

Ugly Alert 2013

Gong Joon-soo is a man who's had a rough life and early on had to fend for himself. He takes the blame for a murder his younger sibling commits and serves time in prison. There he learns to sew and acquires a trade. With his newly acquired skills, Joon-soo goes to work for Na Do-hee at a fashion company. Do-hee has inherited her job because her grandfather built the company. But even though she inherited her position, she is serious about doing a good job and is something of a workaholic.

Butt-Ugly Martians 2001

Butt-Ugly Martians is a computer-animated television series, which aired on the Nickelodeon cable channel between 2001 and 2002. There was also a video game based on the series named Butt Ugly Martians: Zoom or Doom. The Butt-Ugly Martians are forced to invade planets for the evil Emperor Bog. When they are sent to Earth they discover comic books, hamburgers, video games and music videos and become addicted to American culture, deciding not to hurt the earth and simply pretend to be occupying the planet for Bog. They are shown around by their new Earthling friends: Mike, Cedric, and Angela. The Butt-Ugly Martians will continue to hang out on Earth as long as Emperor Bog never finds out.

Mom's Diary: My Ugly Duckling 2016

How much do you know about your grown up son? In Mum’s Diary, the daily lives of the grown up celebrity sons are closely observed by their mothers. Do you know why your son drinks so much these days? How much do you know about your son’s philosophy in his life style? Heart-warming moments of observational communication between a mother and a son can be seen on Mum’s Diary.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1979

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a TVB television series, premiered on 1 September 1979. Theme song "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyricist by Tang Wai Hung, sung by Teresa Cheung.

The Ugly Duckling 2015

Adaptation of the hit series "Yo Soy Betty La Fea" aka "Ugly Betty."

Ugly Duckling Series: Don't 2015

After confessing her love in elementary school to her crush, Maewnam is literally crushed when he rejects her in front of all his friends. He calls her ugly and it's at that moment that she decides to wear a box on her head. Maewnam is really damaged by those events and she hides behind the box, truly believing that she's ugly. Forced to return to school, Maewnam meets Minton and Zero. Minton is sweet, friendly, and new to the school while Zero is a notorious troublemaker who uses his fists to solve his problems. The question is: who's the boy that called her ugly all of those years ago? Is it Minton? Is it Zero? Is it another person?

The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search 2006

The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search is an American reality television competition broadcast by Country Music Television. In the series, singing-dancing female bartenders compete for a position with the company's traveling troupe, and a $50,000 prize. Season three, which premiered March 7, 2008, featured 10 contestants. They are listed below in alphabetical order according to name, occupation, and hometown. ⁕Ashley Glasgow, Entrepreneur, Tampa, Florida ⁕Jessica Henry, Singer/Actress, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ⁕Jocelyn Towle, Insurance Processor, Miami, Florida ⁕Kelly Bentley, Former National Guard member, Ashland, Alabama ⁕Lauren Lee, Bartender, Nashville, Tennessee ⁕Sarah LeClear, Dancer, Los Angeles, California ⁕Tanea Renee Singleton, Singer, New York City, New York ⁕Taylin Rae, Singer, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ⁕Tiffany Mallari, Dancer, San Francisco, California ⁕Tracy Hanna, nightclub Promoter, Richfield, New Jersey

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